Without a doubt the #1 area that most women want to see changes in is—the tummy. And that’s understandable! Usually it is the belly area that keeps us out of that next size on our journey to smaller sizes and better health.

But the body is not an inanimate object or piece of marble we can just carve off the parts we don’t want and it stays off. Just a little skill, patience and pressure and voila! The masterpiece is revealed!

Losing inches anywhere is not a simple formula, but especially not here. There are many variables, such as:

  • Food sensitivities—that can cause bloat and obviously sabotage the best efforts to lose off the abs
  • Weak core—if your core muscles are weak, you won’t be able to activate optimally and will lack stamina to be able to hold position while doing moves
  • Muscle imbalances—years of standing a certain way, surgery, not developing muscle groups together so one is more dominant—all affect your ability to lose inches from the tummy
  • Emotional issues—yes, that can affect your body’s ability to lose inches
  • Diastasis Recti –the “Mommy Tummy Gap” (although not limited to “mommies” or even women!)

Can T-Tapp address all of those? Well, most of them! You will need qualified help to nail down food sensitivities, but the lymphatic and fascia activation in T-Tapp can help facilitate the body’s amazing ability to heal and get equilibrium. Emotional issues aren’t necessarily solved by T-Tapp, but it can help you feel better about yourself and more ready to deal with them with the help of a friend or professional you trust. The other three mentioned—weak core, muscle imbalances and diastasis recti– all can improve with T-Tapp!

T-Tapp’s left/right brain movements and focus on activation at the insertions of the muscles help balance imbalances. And T-Tapp is ALL about the core! You are activating the core in each and every move in T-Tapp. But it’s not just tucking hard—you initiate with the abs, belly button UP and back to spine. Then tighten buns. Not only does that improve core strength, it helps balance the imbalances often seen with stronger gluteal muscles (the buns) than ab muscles (tummy).

Diastasis recti can affect the core strength tremendously. You can imagine how much harder it would be to activate the core when the muscles are separated. This can contribute to a weak pelvic floor as well.

While I did develop Defeating Diastasis, a program using T-Tapp moves and techniques to help “close the gap”, I am going to share a few helpful tips that if you apply them consistently, you WILL see the gap close and the core strengthen (these are good for better core strength even if you don’t have “the gap”!):

  • Minimal floor work. I won’t say you can’t do any, but if your core is weak, you need to limit floor moves
  • Organs in Place. The exception to the previous statement! Organs in Place on the floor is key for helping strengthen the core and help the muscles close and stay closed. Do this twice daily.
  • Do twisting moves in a chair. This will help you focus on core activation vs how far you can twist and it’s easy to lose focus on the lower half of the body. The chair makes it easier!
  • Mitten Chop Box. THE move for Mommy Tummy Gap! It is on Senior Fit and First Step, and the Organs in Place portion is incorporated into Healthy Hormones Menopause Management. Do this 4 times per day when you visit the bathroom—it is seriously THE most important thing you can do with a weak core or diastasis recti gap. (Also available for free on YouTube on a My Fox Atlanta video clip!)

You can do this on your own—create a checklist, set a timer on your phone, whatever it takes to consistently get these few moves in. But if you like the idea of having something laid out step by step, Defeating Diastasis is a comprehensive course spanning 13 weeks (plus another 4 weeks of video access). It is a mixture of written lessons and video demonstrations of moves and techniques such as the Floor Core Focus, Organs in Place, Half Frogs with a little help, The Zip, Standing Core Focus and more. Plus you get encouragement videos from time to time to help you stay on track and share inspiration!

If you’d like to join me on this journey to Defeat Diastasis, you can check out a freebie taste of the first 3 lessons by going to the Defeating Diastasis Sneak Peek. You can also read more about it at Defeating Diastasis. (Registration opens mid-August.)

These tips have been proven to WORK! Try the free sneak peek and the moves I highlighted above and see if you can feel the difference. Yes you can close the gap—with T-Tapp!

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