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If you have suggestions for blogposts,  or if you would like help picking the best T-Tapp workout for you, please e-mail me.  I’d love to help you on your journey to better health, a better body, a better you!


7 thoughts on “Talk to Trisch

  1. Marie

    Hi Trisch,
    love the “super slow” I hope I can learn quickly 🙂
    I am wondering if when we come to class on Tuesday I I could buy a bottle of the Alfalfa from you. If that works can you let me know how much it costs. Thanks much, Marie

  2. Judy

    Trisch, I am definitely going to take your “prescription” for T-tap!! Well let you know in 6 weeks how it goes!!

  3. Patricia

    Is it best to learn one video well before incorporating another in a weekly routine? I have a few issues (54 years old, menopausal, rheumatoid arthritis & osteoarthritis in hands and feet, 100 lbs to lose) and got Turn Back the Clock, Brain/Body Fitness/Senior Fit and Healthy Hormones because after reading the “what to buy” section, they seemed like the best fit, and was going to rotate them. I definitely don’t want to overdo, but I do want to do it the right way so I don’t get discouraged; I’m bound and determined to get healthier. I also have the finger/foot fitness DVD; is it ok to do that with every day with one of the others? I just started to do the little routine I found on YouTube for fingers and feet and I’m amazed at how just a few days has helped the stiffness! I also got the CRT system. Thank you!

    1. Trisch Post author

      Hi, Patricia! Yes, it would be best to focus on one at least until you feel comfortable with what’s coming next so you can focus on her cues–at first we’re just trying to do the moves without falling on our faces!

      Finger and Foot Fitness isn’t a workout so yes, it would be safe to do those moves daily with the other workouts. With your health issues I would probably start with Healthy Hormones. You can do however much of it your body allows. I personally do about half of it at a time–being chaptered makes that easier!

      After working through the Instructional for at least 4 days, you could do this for 2-3 weeks and then try Brain Body Floor sequence 2 (if that is the workout you got–Brain-Body Fitness Floor?). That can be alternated with your standing workouts. I would watch it first because there is no instructional. There is a learning curve so just do what you can!

      Let me know if that helps answer your questions!


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