Don’t know where to start?

Feel overwhelmed trying to

“get healthy”?


  • Tired of complicated eating plans?
  • Frustrated because you don’t know what “healthy food” is anymore?
  • You know you need to incorporate healthy habits, but it’s hard to stay consistent?

Confused about how much exercise is “enough”?


  • Hard to get moving?
  • Struggling to stay motivated to exercise?
  • Afraid to start exercising because you don’t want to hurt already weak joints or wear yourself out because you’re already too tired?

Need a little guidance to jumpstart your health journey?


  • Wish you could get some guidance on getting started?
  • Need help creating a plan?
  • Hard to create doable goals that encourage you on your journey vs making you feel like giving up?


Healthy Holidays One Hour Coaching Session!

Why not give yourself the gift of vibrant health?!

I’ve opened up a few one-hour coaching spots to discuss your needs and create a tailor-made plan for YOU!

Healthy Holidays One Hour Coaching Call– $97

Holiday SPECIAL!  $57

Can I really get clarity and momentum in just one hour?!




Because it’s NOT just about the one hour call! Look what all is included:

One Hour Call

You will receive a short questionnaire before our call to give me a better picture of your needs and so we can get to work on your call!

One Week Workout Schedule

You’ll receive a 1-week workout schedule tailored to your specific needs!

One Week Menu Plan

Do you find it hard to plan healthy meals?! You’ll get a sample 1-week menu plan of healthy-but-yummy meals, approved by my family– including my teenage boys!

Follow Up Email and Call

Once we finish the call and I send the schedule and menu plan, you’re not totally on your own! I’ll send a follow-up email a week or so later, then we can do a quick check-in with a short call at the end of a month to see how you’re doing!

Hear from REAL women– just like you!

Working with Trisch has been life changing for me on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level. After years of battling problems onset by weight, working with Trisch I now finally see my value. In doing so, it has become easy to take care of myself and nourish my body to reach my health goals. Trisch’s approach is kind, customized to you, and includes God. I finally am losing weight, feeling better, and feel like I can accomplish anything. Trisch is amazing.


I’ve worked weekly with Trisch for several years now, and it’s one of the highlights of my week. She is very knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and encouraging. She pushes me in our workouts when needed and also does lighter days if I’m struggling with my adrenals or other physical issues. She’s very creative in figuring out different moves, whether seated or standing. I would highly recommend working with Trisch!


I have been working  with Trisch Richardson and I feel so blessed .She knows and understands the T-Tapp workout and is always studying to find out more moves to help me for different issues that I may have at the time. I do not like to work out period and get overwhelmed very easily. Trisch has broken down plans into manageable pieces where I feel I can do them and get relief and results. She also keeps me accountable for my actions because I asked her to. She really has a passion to help all different types of people and great intuition for you as an individual for what you need. I am blessed to be helped by her as my coach and as a friend. 


Wouldn’t you like to experience….

  • MORE alertness?
  • Less aches and pains?
  • Better sleep?
  • Increased stamina?
  • Healthy eating simplified?
  • Easy-to-fit-in exercises?
  • A more positive mindset?

Give yourself the gift of VIBRANT health! I’m here to help you get 2024 started off on the right foot!

Once you purchase, I will send you a short questionnaire to help me prepare so we can maximize our time on your call!  Included on the questionnaire will be your preferred days and times. I’ll then contact you via email to schedule your call!

Healthy Holidays One Hour Coaching Call PLUS Support– $97

Holiday Special!  $57!

Trainer Trisch

I love to help women be all they were created to be! I have lots of tools in my toolbox as a Master T-Tapp Trainer, ISSA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Glute Specialist and Christian Health Coach. My goal is to help create a plan that works for real women living a real, sometimes messy life.

I would love to help you on your journey to a stronger, more VIBRANT you!

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