What Is T-Tapp?



T-Tapp is the most efficient & effective workout you’ll ever do! Created by renowned fitness expert Teresa Tapp, this revolutionary workout reshapes your body and fires up your metabolism.

T-Tapp’s unique sequence of comprehensive, compound muscle movements works the muscles layer by layer from the inside out, to cinch, tighten, and tone them and burn fat better!

By doing Teresa’ Tapp’s signature 15 minute workout, you can:

  • Lose up to a clothing size in just 2 weeks!
  • Flatten your belly without doing a single crunch
  • Develop strength and bone density, without weights
  • Build sleek muscles and improve posture
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol the natural way
  • Improve blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes
  • Help your body balance hormones
  • And MORE!

Donna lost 35 inches in four weeks!

Health issues? Slow loser? Hate exercise?!



In January 2007 I started T-Tapp as an overweight homeschool mama of 9 who hated exercise! I was sooo tired from dealing with adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism.


I am a “turtle loser”, but by November 2015 I had lost 7 sizes, became a Master T-Tapp Trainer and in the picture on the right had just finished recording my signature program, Defeating Diastasis!

Even if you’re a “turtle”, even if you deal with health challenges, even if you have a crazy busy life– T-Tapp works!



This no impact, rehabilitative workout is safest for those with shoulder, hip, knee and back concerns, and can also be effective against conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and multiple sclerosis. With T-Tapp you’re building a better body– inside and out!


If you want REAL results REALLY FAST tap into the power of T-Tapp!

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