Are you active now? (Working out already, athletic, sports)

Do you have any joint issues/injuries?

Do you have any thyroid or adrenal issues?

Does the thought of physical activity make you tired, even though you know you need it?

Do you prefer shorter workouts?

Do you mind breaking up a longer workout if it would be more beneficial for you?

Do you get overwhelmed easily?

Are you recovering from surgery or injury? (Have doctor/health care provider's clearance to do exercise)

Any blood sugar issues?

Do you want to work out every day (taking one day off each week)?

What is your style when tackling something new?

12. Do you have issues with hypermobility in any or all joints?

Which T-Tapper Are You?
Basic Bridget

You are Basic Bridget! No real health issues, you're fairly active already, and you want to get it done in 15 minutes! Basic Workout Plus is a great entry level workout for you!
Healthy Hormones Heidi

You are Healthy Hormones Heidi! Thyroid, adrenal and/or other hormonal issues have made it tough to lose anything, and you have some blood sugar issues you'd like to address, too. You'd also love to feel good after exercise instead of needing a nap! Healthy Hormones is great for you--the tweaks in this workout will help you feel better and LOOK better, too!
Senior Fit Susan/ Slow-it-down Steph

You're Senior Fit Susan or Slow-it-down Steph! You are either a senior or your health issues make you feel older than you are. You don't mind breaking a longer workout down if it will truly help you. Senior Fit is a great "fit" for you! Or you are Slow-it-down Steph! You want to get more out of your workouts and have heard that slowing things down really helps ramp up the muscle activation! You also might be hypermobile and need to protect your joints while you exercise, making sure you don't use your flexibility instead of muscle activation to do the moves. Senior Fit's "no path of least resistance" tweaks will help you use those muscles, protect the joints and really refine those finer points of form for even better results--inside and out!
Mandy MORE

You are Mandy MORE! Whether health or joint issues, you need a slower paced workout, but doing something longer scares you. You also might be dealing with incredible brain fog that really makes "wrapping your brain around" something difficult. Some days you're too tired to stand up but you know you need to get movement in. MORE is perfect for you--its shorter pace, built-in kickouts and excellent instructional will help you get the results you want without overtaxing your brain or your body! And there are the three mini-workouts of 10 minutes or less, including the Chair workout. Now you can even work out in a chair!

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