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Have a long wish list of T-Tapp workouts? Well, today’s your day! Deep Discount Tuesday is 40% off ALL Variety Workouts!

And that’s not all!

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Will it be Broom 2 for a little cardio in a short amount of time–along with better posture and alignment?  Or maybe some core activating Brain-Body Fitness Floor or Core Floor?  Healthy Hormones is in on this sale too–great for anyone with hormones, young and old alike!

How about the Warm-Up Workouts? They are the forerunners of the Brain-Body Fitness Floor and Core Floor workouts!

Get that wish list out–it’s time to make your wishes come true!


It’s a PARTY!


Woo-HOO!  It’s a party!

If you’re on Facebook, head over tonight at 8 p.m. EDT to my business page where I’ll be having a Facebook Party.  You don’t even have to dress up for this party–unless you want to! 😉

What’s a Facebook Party?  I will post and ask questions, share tips, freebies, specials–it’s an hour of FUN!   Here is the Event Page for tonight– Be Youthful ‘n Fit Facebook Party

Tonight you’ll click on “Discussion” to join the fun!  Be sure to hit Refresh or F5 often to keep up with the conversations!

Hope you can join me for an hour of fun tonight!   If you’re sleeping during this time because you’re halfway around the world 😉 you can still scroll through and see the conversations AND take advantage of the freebies and specials–but only until 10 p.m. EDT October 7!  So you can still join in!  I’ll come back tomorrow to catch any comments!

Let’s PARTY!


Defeating Diastasis–Close the Gap with T-Tapp!


Do you have a diastasis recti or “Mommy Tummy Gap”?  Did you know your “baby” can be 20 (or 30 or 40!) and you can still have a diastasis recti?

Diastasis recti is when the two rectus abdominus muscles (think “6 pack abs” muscles) separate, creating a “tent-like” effect when you do crunches and sit-ups.  Some gaps aren’t as wide but still create problems for doing floorwork or getting the ab measurements down due to a weaker core, resulting in less muscle activation.

I receive e-mails and messages asking if it’s safe to do T-Tapp or if there are certain moves to avoid, and most importantly, is there a way to “close the gap”.   I had a few ladies test some lessons as I was developing this program, and Mary, one of my testers closed her 4 finger gap to a 1!  She was ecstatic and so was I!  Krystalle noticed a difference right away and more than one lady mentioned how important learning the tips was to protect their core and the progress they were making.

So just what IS Defeating Diastasis?  It’s a 9 week program consisting of 36 lessons with 20 videos demonstrating the techniques and moves–all from T-Tapp workouts as well as encouragement to keep the momentum going.  The program takes you from discovering if you have “the gap” and how wide it is to strengthening your core to tips easing you into floorwork.  Even if you don’t have diastasis recti, you can use these same tips and moves to strengthen your core for an excellent foundation for better results!

Registration for Defeating Diastasis is now up and we’ll be getting started October 10.  We will have a private Facebook group for support and questions.  I’m excited to be your coach and your cheerleader!

I can’t promise you’ll close your gap completely in 9 weeks, but I CAN promise that if you do the foundational work you WILL strengthen your core and make gap-closing progress!

Ready to close the gap and gain core strength?!

Let’s do it!  Let’s close the gap–with T-Tapp!

Double Deal for Deep Discount Tuesday!

What’s better than one BOGO deal?


What’s better than two BOGO deals?

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I shared about Digest Plus last weekend–and I’ll repeat it–it is THE one supplement I will never go without!  It really does the job both for digestive support and anti-inflammatory!

B12 Plus–I started using Teresa’s B12 9 1/2 years ago.  I noticed right away improvement over the brand I used before.  Improved stamina, less brain fog, more energy–I was impressed!

Then Teresa changed to methycobalamin and I noticed even more improvement!  I use a few sprays around 10 a.m. and a few more around 2 p.m. for help with the “afternoon slump”.

This is a GREAT deal! You can get either BOGO deal or BOTH and FREE SHIPPING all around!

Now THAT’S a great Deep Discount Tuesday!

(Sale good until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, September 20!)

Super Sunday Special!

Digest Plus

We ALL love a good sale and today, for 6 hours only, you can get TWO bottles of Digest Plus, with FREE shipping (even international!) AND choose the workout of your choice for HALF OFF!  YES, even the digital workouts!

I personally LOVE Digest Plus and won’t be without it! I don’t have a gall bladder and had some nasty bile dump issues when I started into menopause–Digest Plus stopped it! Plus it helps decrease bloating when I’m eating out.

Here’s what Teresa shared, with all the details:

Hi Everyone….. tomorrow I am offering a Super Sunday Special for 6 hours – 8:30 am – 2:30 pm EST

In addition to BOGO for Digest Plus with free shipping (including international) you have the opportunity to purchase one workout of your choice at half off (dvd or digital).

Order for BOGO Digest Plus is to be done through the webstore so your have an order ID number, then call 1-800-342-0717 to place the other half of your order with Marisa or email

Since we expect a lot of phone calls you might get the message machine….if so be sure to leave your name and phone number so Marisa can call you back. If you email her, be sure to identify your Digest Plus order number as well as leave your phone number so she can call you back.

All emails and/or phone messages must be left before 2:31 pm EST.

Last of all, since it is free shipping, if you want to purchase 2 BOGO Digest Plus sets, you can select two workouts of your choice.

Happy Shopping! Digest Plus is a wonderful proprietary blend of Systemic and Digestive Enzymes. It was specially created for me by a renowned master formulator. There is no other digest product on the market as powerful as Digest Plus….and those that are close to same level of ingredients are twice the cost! Without food the systemic enzymes are optimal, with food the digestive enzymes are optimal. This formula is powerful! I even take it with my Premium Blended Alfalfa for optimal assimilation.

You can order your Digest Plus through the webstore HERE!

If you’ve had a workout on your wish list–this is like Christmas coming early! 😀

Happy shopping!

Brush Up for Deep Discount Tuesday!


Brushing Supreme

After a stressful summer, a week away at the retreat and certifications surrounded by a supportive sisterhood and pampering–and good food!–melted the stress away.  I literally lost half a size just from the inflammation going down!

Teresa gave us a preview of her two new digital options–a new brushing video called CRT Body Brushing Supreme and another with Moisturizing and Skin Tightening Tips.  Both are EXCELLENT!

CRT Body Brushing Supreme is very comprehensive!  And Teresa looks FABULOUS!  It’s an 18 minute video, and I personally will be doing this sequence once a week for a more thorough skin brushing. I incorporate some elements of it even in my daily brushing now.

The Moisturizing and Skin Tightening Tips video gives a lot of information about the different Skin Saver Products Teresa uses as well as tips for applying for luxurious skin care.

Regular prices are $19.95 for the CRT Brushing Supreme and $12.50 for the Moisturizing and Skin Tightening Tips.  Both have access for 9 months–plenty of time to learn and memorize the sequences and tips!  For Deep Discount Tuesday, CRT Brushing Supreme is $15 and Moisturizing and Skin Tightening Tips is $10!  GREAT deals!

You can check them out at the Digital Store.  Please note that you may need to click “show more” to see all of the digital options.

I’m excited for these new tips–I hope you take advantage of one or both of these videos so you can pamper your skin and turn back time, too!



Diving in with Healthy Hormones

Diving In-1

Did you take advantage of the Deep Discount Tuesday special this month? Or do you already have Healthy Hormones Menopause Management?

As I stated in my last blog post, HHMM as we call it is not just for menopausal women.  Men can even benefit from it!  It was developed specifically to help women struggling with the hormonal changes of menopause, especially thyroid and adrenal issues that can be “subclinical” and not diagnosed until the ovaries start shutting down, revealing imbalances.  The female hormones, the thyroid, and the adrenals work together for hormonal balance. When one is out of whack, it affects the others.   For example, if the thyroid is not working optimally, the adrenals and female hormones will try to take on the portion the thyroid can’t carry. That can work for awhile, but eventually the adrenals wear down and/or the female hormones get more imbalanced (estrogen dominance, anyone?).  This will really show up when we hit perimenopause, that period of 10 years or so before menopause when the ovaries start slowing down in preparation for menopause.  That is why some women feel like they are “losing it” in their 40s and 50s! It’s not hysteria–it’s hormonal imbalances that were already there but masked that are showing up in full force!  We can feel like we’ve lost our body, our mind and sanity!

Thankfully, there is help!  As I stated earlier this week, I feel AMAZING when I do about half of HHMM at a time.  Any more than that and I will usually need a nap (or two!) the next day–a very clear sign that I have pushed too far.  Each of us needs to listen to her body’s cues and learn to stop before pushing too far. Sometimes that is a rear-view mirror look after the fact!

As promised, I’m going to share some ideas for splitting the Healthy Hormones workout to suit your schedule and your stamina level!


How Do I Know Where to Start?

If you have any–and I mean ANY–hormonal issues, including estrogen dominance, thyroid issues or adrenal fatigue, start small. You can always add to what you’re doing, and hopefully find your “sweet spot” before crashing.  But if you go all out and crash and burn, it will take longer to crawl out of that hole. NO one wants to do that!

So let’s start “small”.

HHMM has 9 moves, and the Instructional has 10, including the stance.  Start with the Instructional and go through it at least 4 times total. There’s no rush!

We’ll take it in a 3 moves per day schedule (this is the regular workout, but it’s close to the same for Instructional):

M-Spinal Curl through Plies Sequence (this includes using a towel for part of the Spinal Curl)
T- Spinal Curl, then Plie Pulls & Combo, finish with the Spinal Curl after Combo
W- Spinal Curl, T-Tapp Twist with a towel (light day)
Th- Spinal Curl, T-Tapp Twist, Hoedowns
F- Spinal Curl, Oil Wells with a towel, Oil Wells
S- Spinal Curl, Hoedowns
Sun- Off or Spinal Curl

I’ve used a Monday through Sunday “week”, with Sunday off, but if your day off is Tuesday, just put Monday’s moves on Wednesday.

You can rotate through the moves in various ways–just be sure to do them in the same sequence.  In other words, you can skip moves, but don’t go back and do moves you skipped.   On Thursday’s example above, you wouldn’t do Spinal Curl, T-Tapp Twist and then go back and do Plies Sequence. Also, be sure to do Spinal Stretch before you do other moves, especially twisting moves.  You can skip some of the towel work of Spinal Stretch from time to time for time’s sake, but don’t omit it all the time!

If you find this routine is still too much, cut back to every other day.  On the off days you could do just Spinal Stretch.  You can use this same idea with the Instructional–you may even want to do just 2 moves per day on some of the moves that take longer.  Listen to your body and let your stamina be your guide!  I would suggest splitting the form tips up over 2 days and go through them at least once.


Feeling Really Tanked?  How About in a Chair?!

If you can’t stand for even 3 moves, whether it’s adrenal/thyroid issues or joint issues, did you know you can do many of these moves in a chair?  Oh yes you can!

Stand to do the Spinal Stretch, then sit down to do the towel portions.  You can go down the legs as you sit in a chair–just don’t go too low if you start getting dizzy.   Plies, Plies Pulls and Combo, the standing portion of Oil Wells, T-Tapp Twist and T-Tapp Twist with a towel can all be done in a chair!  If you have MORE or TappCore 2, you know how to do Hoedowns in a chair–and yes–that counts!

The other standing move you might want to do is the “Mitten Chop Organs in Place” which is sprinkled throughout the workout.  Healthy Hormones–even in a chair!


When Can I Do More?

Once you tolerate 3 moves daily with no worsening of symptoms and actually feeling better, you can start adding a bit more.  I call this “short workout every other day”. It’s doing about half of HHMM every other day. This is approximately 4-5 moves, with off days having 2 moves.  You can do just Spinal Curl or take off days completely off.

Let’s take the Instructional first:

M- Beginning through Organs in Place (this includes the Intro through curling the spine, Plies and then OIP)
T- Form Tips
W-The Stance, Curl/Scoop Spine; Lat Pulls through Oil Wells
Th- Form Tips
F- The Stance, Curl/Scoop Spine, Using a Towel; T-Tapp Twist and Oil Wells
S- Off
Sun- The Stance through Using a Towel, Hoedowns

And now the regular workout:

M-Beginning through Oil Wells
T-  Spinal Curl, T-Tapp Twist with a towel (or off)
W- Spinal Curl, then T-Tapp Twist through Hoedowns
Th-  Spinal Curl, Oil Wells with a towel (or off)
F- Beginning through Oil Wells
S-  Spinal Curl, T-Tapp Twist with a towel (or off)
Sun- Completely off or continue alternating half at a time


Graduating to Daily Workouts

Using the halfway split in the last sequence, you can start doing workouts daily. Now, don’t just jump right in to a workout every day!  Work out Monday and Tuesday, make Wednesday a light day (2 moves), then do half the workout again Thursday and Friday, make Saturday another light day, take Sunday off, and see how well you tolerate that.  Eventually you can ease into doing workouts Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday is a light day, do workouts Thursday through Saturday and Sunday is an off day.  Or shift the light and off days around to suit your schedule! Having a light day in the middle of your workout “week” will help guard against overtraining. Taking a day off helps as well!


Listen to What Your Body Says!

It’s important to listen to your body’s cues as you work through this process.  Really, there’s nothing wrong at all with sticking with 3 moves daily or doing half of HHMM every other day.  Finding your sweet spot is easier when you slowly add vs jumping in with doing all of the workout every single day.  Watch for feeling less energetic or needing naps later in the day (or the next day), brain fog getting worse, muscles or joints aching more than usual post-workout aches.  If you notice any of those, back off.   Finding your sweet spot is crucial–that place where you feel good, even better than before and possibly are seeing some improvement in inch loss. But you’re not doing too much to where you crash and burn.  Results at the expense of your health are not true results!

I hope you enjoy these tips and find your “sweet spot” for HHMM–and I’d love to hear how it’s going for you!  Please comment or contact me to let me know how you like it and if you find one of these schedule ideas helpful!

Deep Discount Tuesday–Balance Those Hormones!


It’s Deep Discount Tuesday again! And this month, the focus is on Healthy Hormones Menopause Management PLUS Mary Shomon’s book, The Menopause Thyroid Solution which inspired the workout!

Don’t let the name fool you though–if you have hormones, you can benefit from this workout no matter your age!  My four oldest daughters are in their 20s and they all like this workout, too! 🙂

HHMM as we call it was developed with tweaks to specifically help with thyroid, adrenal and menopausal hormone issues. I’ve known it to help young ladies with PCOS, with cycle difficulties (easing them from “can’t work for 2 days” to “wow, my cycle sneaked up on me!”), and for me, hypothyroid with adrenal issues, it makes me feel AMAZING!

I personally can only do about half of the workout at a time or I start overdoing it for me.  HHMM is chaptered, making it soooo much easier when you need to split it up!   It is very similar to Basic Workout and yet the tweaks make it worthy of being called a workout on its own–not just another variation.   (shhh–don’t tell–but I like it better than Basic, actually! 😉 )

A quick synopsis–

Spinal Stretch is the “PBS” of HHMM but it’s very gentle and great for those with low blood pressure and/or adrenal issues.  No flat back and no hands behind, but you will use a towel in front for more lat activation

Plies are totally different! All lateral moves to optimize lat activation

No Reach Scoops, Jazz Twist or Box moves but Teresa has incorporated the newer Mitten Chop variation of Organs in Place that you usually do before The Box.  It is sprinkled throughout this workout.

Oil Wells are done standing first so you can really feel those–lats!  (Notice a theme?!)

T-Tapp Twist--no dips to the side but you will love this variation that at first seems like just a stretch but OH BOY! Will you FEEL the heat! (And–lats! 😉 )

Hoedowns–not a huge change except–jazz hand in there to activate more of the–you guessed it!  Lats!

Lat activation is key for hormonal health.  Optimal activation helps drain the lymph even more efficiently which is part of what makes us feel so amazing when we do this workout. AND it gets RESULTS on the outside, too!

This deal is almost half off the set–and the book is great to have, chock full of information from THE thyroid patient advocate, Mary Shomon!  I’ve heard Mary speak several times and each time I learn more from her!

Deep Discount Tuesday’s Healthy Hormones Menopause Management Set is available today until 11:59 p.m. EDT.   If you’ve had this on your wish list–this is the time to get it!

And whether you have it already or plan to purchase, stay tuned to the blog–I’ll give some workout scheduling plans using this great workout later this week!


Deep Discount Tuesday–And a SPECIAL Announcement!

Teresa really knows how to reach a T-Tapper’s heart! 🙂

Today’s Deep Discount Tuesday is 40% off ALL Variety Workouts!  Not only that–orders over $100 qualify for FREE shipping! EVEN international orders!  Yeah!

And for a special announcement–

Hit the Floor Tempo Streaming Workout NOW Available!

Yes, you read that right!  Hit the Floor Tempo is the first streaming workout and it’s available now!

I know we’ve all been waiting for this–and no one more so than Teresa!  🙂

Whether you’re ready to fill your wish list order for dvds or try out the new streaming–happy shopping!

Great way to start the summer, eh?! 😀

Birthday Bash Skype Sale!

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it back at the hospital where I was born–surreal!

This time it was for my husband, who had surgery for heart valve replacement. Not quite the way I wanted to spend my birthday!  But I am very grateful that he was able to have this surgery and he will feel so much better because of it!

I was born on Father’s Day and my dad and I always made a big deal of celebrating–especially when my birthday would hit Father’s Day again!  Homemade ice cream always was a part of our celebration!  😀

In honor of my birthday and my dad (not to mention my wonderful husband who is a GREAT and loving father!), I am having a Birthday Bash Skype Sale!  The special price for the sessions ($54–guess how old I am?) will be good through the end of June, but the FREEBIE special is only for this weekend!  Through tomorrow when you purchase 2 sessions you get 1

I hope you have an opportunity to celebrate LIFE and your father–whether a biological father or someone who was a father figure in your life.  And have some homemade ice cream for me! 😉

Let’s celebrate!