Foundations or Core


If you’re interested in an online program to help you with consistency in your T-Tapp, I am offering two online programs.  Both will start soon, and here are more details to help you choose which one best meets your needs!

Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration is a monthly program where we focus on—the core!  The core is key to results in T-Tapp.  We will all be doing the same workout (or two), but there will be 4-6 workout schedules you can choose from–including at least one that even the adrenal-challenged and time-crunched can do!

We have a private forum at the T-Tapp forums where I share daily tips, a core focus for the week, and interact with each other.  There is a monthly teleconference call where I go more in depth about core during specific moves as well as share about different topics such as speaking kindly to ourselves, self-sabotage, skin care, adrenal health, etc.

If you don’t own the workout we are doing, once you register you can purchase it through me at a discounted price.

There are also some Skype options available on a first-come, first serve basis.

(June’s workout is Hit the Floor Combo— should be in the store later this week!)

Foundations for Fitness is a 6 week online program that has 3 levels.  Support only has access to the private Facebook group where I share some tips, links to good threads at the forums, and where we encourage one another.  Levels 2, 3 and 4 will be a part of the Facebook group as well as receive individualized schedules 5 weeks.  Level 2 is for 3 moves per day; Level 3 has short workouts every other day with some target moves on off days;  there might be a Level 4  that will be extreme focus on form while doing Fab Fours and/or Fab Fives (more on that later) for those with no health issues.  The focus is on laying a foundation, which helps optimize results!

(Next Foundations Class is on hold for now, but hopefully I’ll be starting it back up later this summer!)


Basically Foundations is a 6 week program with individualized help, Beautiful YOU! is a monthly program (you only have to commit to a month at a time) focusing on the core, with workout schedules to choose from, but not individualized.  If you have any further questions after reading through the descriptions, feel free to contact me! 🙂


Photo credits: Ross Berteig and Roger Karlsson

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