Tomorrow is my birthday!



My new Healthy Hormones in a Chair seated class package is ready! This is the entire Healthy Hormones workout, modified for a chair. There are 11 Instructional videos of alignment and each move and 12 classes of 3 moves each, more to tempo. A few of the classes are longer than 10 minutes (none over 15)– sometimes there was just too much goodness to share and fit in! 😉

I loved creating this class package–and I hope you’ll love it too! (There are previews of a few classes–scroll down on the description page once you click the link.)

I have also created Birthday Bash Bundles of my favorite workout class packages, standing and floor! And a few of them include the new Healthy Hormones in a Chair package, too!


The Bundles–each bundle is a savings of over 20%!

Birthday Bash Bundle 1– Healthy Hormones! This bundle includes Healthy Hormones in a Chair, Beautiful Basics Healthy Hormones package, and 3-in-10 Healthy Hormones package. GREAT package to take you from basic form with the chair version, then Master class level for standing, and end up with the 3-in-10 at tempo to practice what you’ve learned!

Birthday Bash Bundle 2–MORE! This bundle includes Beautiful Basics MORE package and 3-in-10 MORE package–again, start off slow and focused with the Master class level teaching in Beautiful Basics and then progress to 3-in-10 classes, which are more to tempo.

Birthday Bash Bundle 3– Trisch’s Favorite Standing! These three workouts are my favorites for standing workouts! MORE made up nearly half of my workouts as I lost 8 sizes. Healthy Hormones really helped me when I was working on healing my adrenals, and my body really loves Fascia Fitness! I respond very well to the extra fascia activation in this one. (I split it up–of course!) The bundle includes the Beautiful Basics packages for all 3 of these workouts PLUS the 3-in-10 packages for both MORE and Healthy Hormones.

Birthday Bash Bundle 4–Trisch’s Favorite Floor! Bundle #4 includes classes for my two absolute FAVORITE floor workouts, Teresa’s Favorite Fascia Stretch and Brain-Body Fitness Floor. Teresa’s Favorite Fascia Stretch really helps me stay limber and keeps my fascia happy. 🙂 I rotate this one in from time to time, but I also do the beginning stretches nightly. They feel sooooo good! The Master class instructional style will help you get more out of the same stretches that are in Brain-Body Fitness Floor. When Teresa first introduced these moves at the 2015 Retreat, I did Brain-Body Fitness Floor 3 times per week for a month and lost a pants size! If you’re looking for more core, tummy and torso work, this is your bundle!

Want it ALL?!

Birthday Bash ULTIMATE Bundle! 

  • Beautiful Basics MORE package
  • Beautiful Basics Healthy Hormones package
  • Beautiful Basics Fascia Fitness package
  • Beautiful Basics Brain-Body Floor package
  • Beautiful Basics Teresa’s Favorite Fascia Stretch package
  • MORE 3-in-10 package
  • Healthy Hormones 3-in-10 package
  • Healthy Hormones in a Chair

Or if you really like having it all AND any new classes added automatically, you can go with my Fitness Fusion with Trainer Trisch membership!  For $27/month you get ALL my classes, including any NEW classes that I create! The only exception is my Defeating Diastasis program. With the new Healthy Hormones in a Chair package, there are now 20 class packages, most with several classes each. I plan to add at least one new package per month, and sometimes it will be more. My next project is a stretch class package, teaching you the stretches I do every night to keep inflammation down in my body as well as keeping my fascia limber and happy! After that I will be working on a Back to Basics series, covering the starter workouts (Basic Workout, MORE, Healthy Hormones and Senior Fit) as well as seated versions of each–just like Healthy Hormones in a Chair!

One MORE special–
my e-book, Fatigued to Fabulous, is still on sale for $9!

The e-book sale and bundles are good through June 30.

I hope you have fun checking out the bundles and the other free previews of the new Healthy Hormones in a Chair package! Do you have a June birthday? Or a summer birthday? I’d love to celebrate with YOU, too! 

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