Beautiful YOU Online Program


In my first year as a T-Tapp trainer I was inspired by working with one particular client to focus even more on the core.  I dreamed of an online class that would help T-Tappers fine tune their core focus throughout different workouts.  Beautiful YOU was born!


An online class? Does that mean I have to show up at a specific time?

This isn’t a class where you have to show up at a certain time–I have had international T-Tappers be a part of the class, so no matter where you live in the world, you can “attend”!


Great! So what do we actually do?

For each 2-month class, I pick a different T-Tapp workout to focus on, and I focus specifically on the core throughout that workout. The core IS the “core” of T-Tapp!  This lays a great foundation for any workout that you do.  I’ve done starter workouts such as Basic Workout, MORE, Healthy Hormones, Senior Fit and First Step as well as variety and more advanced workouts such as LadyBug, Broom Workout, Hit the Floor, Brain-Body Fitness Floor, MORE 3 Chair, etc.

After registration I send out a Welcome Letter which also tells about the class.  You will get a few schedules and charts to help you track your progress.

I have a private forum where the party starts–and it is really private–no one gets in except whom I personally add! 🙂

Every other week I share a different Core Focus to help you get extra core activation.  On the other weeks l share a Bonus Focus, which is a move from the workout with extra tips (especially core tips).  Starting this fall with the September/October class, I will be doing 4 short, 5-7 minute videos breakingg the move down, then a short video around 10-12 minutes going through the move with the tips at more of a tempo speed.  One of my class assistants posts a weekly Habit Focus from tips I’ve shared, and I also have a Questions thread and of course a Check-in thread to see how you are doing.  You can share a-ha’s and successes, too!

We also have a “Fabulous Form Focus”–a 1 to 1 1/2 hour clinic where I am actually doing and talking through some of the moves from the workout we’re focusing on–you can either take notes or do them along with me.  You will get a download of the mp3 so you can go over it at your convenience.  I always have a Q&A time at the end of the call if I have anyone on live with me.

Along with the physical core focus, I also focus on core thoughts and what we believe as that also affects us–to the very core!

And discounts!  Yes, you can get a discount on T-Tapp products and dvds while participating in Beautiful YOU!


Sounds good, but I really wish I could see what you’re doing!

Good news!  I now have video classes for the Core Focus and Bonus Focus moves, as well as a video option for the call!   You can go over these classes as often as you want throughout the access time to get MAX core activation!  Basic Level will have access to the videos for 1 week, 2 weeks for the Fabulous Form Focus clinic.  At the Ultimate Level, you will have access for the 2 months of the class PLUS another month after the class ends!


NEW for Fall Beautiful YOU–Monday Moves with Trisch!

Starting with September/October’s class, I will be doing weekly classes on Mondays where I will cover either 3 moves or 10 minutes of the featured workout. I may also include other moves from time to time. If you would like to do just a little of a workout without having to fast forward through a dvd or the digital workout, this is for YOU!  While I will offer cues and tips, this will be more at a tempo pace than instructional.  Classes will be recorded and Basic Level gets one week access, Ultimate Level will get access for 3 months total!


Wow!  I’d love to check this out!  Are there any prerequisites?

To participate, you need to own and be at least somewhat familiar with one of the following:  Basic Workout Plus, Total Workout, MORE, Healthy Hormones Menopause Management, or have attended a clinic within the last 6 months.


Do I need to purchase the workout you are focusing on? Can I use another workout?

While you are welcome to use what you have, all the tips and video classes will be focused on the workout I am doing for the class.  I believe you will get much more out of it if you use the workout I am focusing on as your primary workout for the two months.  You can purchase at a discount through me.

With the Ultimate level access, you could certainly get enough out of the class just by doing the video classes, but other than the Weekly Monday Moves with Trisch classes, there won’t be “straight through to tempo” workout classes.  The rest are more instructional level and pace.


What workout are you doing next?

{Disclosure:  The following paragraph contains affiliate links. If you purchase through these links I do get a commission that helps offset expenses to keep my website running smoothly–so I can continue to bring you helpful content and encouragement!}

For November/December’s Beautiful YOU course,  I’ll be covering MORE Workout (also called MORE Rehab and MORE 1).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!  I hope to see you soon in a Beautiful YOU class!

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