Trisch’s Tips (getting started)

New to T-Tapp and don’t know where to start?

My personal favorite place to start is with MORE!  (Click on the images to take you to the workouts)



But don’t think that MORE is just for those with “more birthday candles, more health issues”–it is also for those who want to focus “more” on form!

The slower pace and fewer reps and the fabulous instructional make MORE a top notch workout for any fitness level!  MORE has comprised nearly half of my workouts over the past 5 years!

MORE has a 40 minute Instructional, a 20 minute straight through workout, three shorter workouts (Chair is 10 minutes, Broom is 7 minutes, Step Away is 9 minutes) plus tips for getting out of a chair, walking up stairs or getting up from a floor for those with knee issues.

I jokingly say that MORE takes you “from training wheels to a racing bike”!  And trainers call it “a clinic in a box” due to its slower pace and focus on form!

If you decide to go with MORE, I suggest doing the Instructional for 4-7 days, take 2 days off, then choose a workout schedule that suits your time frame as well as health status.  If you’re fit or don’t have major health issues (and this includes adrenal fatigue), you can safely do MORE daily.  I prefer to take one day fully off except for Primary Back Stretch, and also having a “light day” in the middle of the week is nice, too, where you can either do one of the shorter workouts or just do Primary Back Stretch, T-Tapp Twist and a Hoedown.

If you’re adrenal or health challenged, I suggest an every other day (EOD) schedule. Severe health/adrenal issues should take 2 days off in between workouts.  You need to focus on T-Tapp as your rehab program!  The body will come–but it must heal inside first!




Another “newer” favorite of mine is Healthy Hormones Menopause Management.  But again–don’t feel like if you aren’t in menopause this isn’t for you! Do you have hormones?  Yes? Then you can benefit greatly from HHMM!

Healthy Hormones was developed specifically for those with thyroid and adrenal issues, with special attention to those hormonal changes that come with perimenopause and menopause.  But I know of an 18 year old girl with PCOS and a 23 year old who had to take a day off work each month who, when they started doing HHMM saw great results!  The 23 year old no longer has to take a day off work!

This workout was originally featured in Mary Shomon’s book, The Menopause Thyroid Solution.  Teresa tweaked it and added some moves to create the Healthy Hormones Menopause Management dvd.  I feel amazing when I do this workout!  I only do about half at a time. It has a wonderful instructional and the moves are chaptered both in the Instructional and the workout, making it easy to split if you need to.   I have hypothyroid as well as adrenal issues–I’m healing but still need to watch it.  HHMM makes me feel wonderful!

Or you can order it in a set with a seminar (chock full of info–as only Teresa can do!)  This seminar was previously only available through PBS and was part of the PBS special “Healthy Hormones Documentary”.



Maybe you think you’d like to tackle something more challenging?  Pretty fit or no major health issues?

Then Basic Workout Plus (BWO+)  or Total Workout (TWO) are for you!


A faster pace, but still with excellent Instructionals, you can do the first 15 minutes of Total, which is BWO+, or the 55 minute workout.  I have actually split TWO over three days for the past 2 years.  I just couldn’t get it in otherwise–both due to my schedule and my stamina! But that way I still got the all-over body toning TWO offers!   You can still get results–even in 15-20 minutes a day!  80% of my workouts over the past 5 years have been “shorter” ones, 20 minutes or less!

Starting out with BWO+ or TWO, do the Instructionals–you don’t have to do them back-to-back.  I suggest focusing on Instructional 1 for a week, followed by BWO+ for another week or two (BWO+ is safe to do daily, but, like MORE, it’s important to have a day off and maybe a light day, too), then focusing on Instructional 2 for a week, followed by TWO every other day.

You could also alternate Instructionals for a week or two (Instructional 1 one day, Instructional 2 the next), then go to TWO every other day, or if you’re going to split it up, treat it like the BWO+ schedule.




If you enjoy walking workouts or want to really up the cardio, Step Away the Inches (SATI) is a great one! I started with TWO and SATI, and you really would never need to buy anything else!  But we all like variety, right?! 🙂

 SATI has an instructional where she explains her method of walking, then she gets going with a 25 minute workout that will leave you sweating, but energized!

And if you want a little more cardio, there is Step It to the Max!  SITTM is a 50 minute workout (half hour walking with warm-up and cool down stretching adding another 20).  More upper body movements and a killer step-lift sequence that will increase core cardio!  Here is a great combo deal where you can get both walking workout dvds!





What about P.E. for the kids?   Teresa has developed a wonderful series of moves called TappCore.  There are 8 moves and one 8 minute walking segment that you can do either all at once, or split the moves up and do 2-3 a day!  I have my own younger children do 3 moves of their choice a day.  That way when the weather is not cooperative and they can’t get outside to stay active, they can still get some key moves in that will help with heart and health!


(And psssst!  Mom!  You can do some of these moves, too, to get something in on a busy day or target problem areas!)

There’s also TappCore 2–one of my favorites!  The kids who won the Hoedown Showdown get to be stars with Teresa in this 12 minute seated workout!  Similar to MORE Chair with a bit more cardio and fun new moves–plus you can’t be grumpy long watching the kids with Teresa!




Be sure to check out the monthly specials!  Since the new webstore launched this isn’t quite as easy–yet!  Some kinks are still being worked out! But you can click HERE to go to the T-Tapp store, then type in “monthly specials” in the search box on the upper right side of the page and it will take you to the current month’s specials.  Sometimes it’s free shipping, others it’s 20% off, and still others include other workouts for the original price–all really good deals!

The third Tuesday of every month is Deep Discount Tuesday–we never know what it will be until it’s here, but if you sign up for my newsletter I can give you a heads up as soon as I know what it is!

Another resource to check out getting started is the–well, Get Started page at T-Tapp! 🙂

If you have specific questions, click on Talk to Trisch, and I’d be happy to help!


Happy shopping! 😉


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