Why Consistency Feels So Good!



We know we should focus on it.  We know it’s important.  But it’s so hard!

Consistency gathers momentum that continues to build until it’s so natural that not doing your workout feels strange!

I want to share some observations to help motivate you to stay the course for the long haul and get the results you’re looking for–inside and out!

Pain is often a motivator!

One of the benefits of T-Tapp that I love is the pain relief.  I used to see the chiropractor every other week with lower back and hip issues–and occasionally neck issues, too.   Like anyone else, I go through spurts of time where getting workouts in is hard due to my schedule or I go through the blahs and have to talk to myself about why I should work out.  (Yes, even trainers go through that!)

However, if I go too long without doing anything or only doing a sporadic Primary Back Stretch, I acquire a new motivation–pain!   Whether it’s a dull ache or something hurts enough I’m uncomfortable, my body is telling me I need to get back to consistency!

Just recently over the holidays I wasn’t able to be as consistent as I had planned to be.  Then I got sloppy about even doing the Jazz Stretch sequence from Brain-Body Fitness Floor, which usually helps keep my tight piriformis and IT band issues at bay.   By the week after Christmas, I had constant, nagging pain on my right hip area and I knew exactly why!

In trying to get some new routines going after the first of the year, I wasn’t always getting a workout in, but I’ve committed to doing at least 10 minutes of a workout, daily if possible but definitely 4 times each week.

Surprise, surprise!  Hip pain is practically gone (if I’d quit sitting cross-legged at the computer that might help!) and not only that, I feel stronger in my lower back and even my knee feels better.  I hurt my knee 3 years ago and while it is healed, it WILL let me know when I let my core go or don’t do my moves on a regular basis! Between the knee and the hip, I have two “personal trainers” who won’t let me get by with anything!

I stand a little taller….

Another way consistency “feels” so good is posture.  When I am more consistent, even doing 3 moves each day, I am more “body aware” and tend to catch myself when I slouch or totally let my core go in my daily activities.  I find myself sitting and standing a bit taller, stretching rib to hip, thinking about that belly button to spine and standing or walking with my weight in my heels.  However, when I am not consistent with even doing a few moves each day, I start to lose that “brain-to-body” connection and soon will be slouching around, standing with all my weight on one leg and not in alignment, and wonder why my back/knee/feet/shoulder/whatever hurts!

I often tell my clients that doing workouts/moves consistently helps in their everyday life, and by being more activated in their daily activities, that carries back into their workouts to help them get even more out of them.  Body awareness is a really great benefit of consistency!

WOW!  I look GREAT!

Not only does it FEEL good it LOOKS great!  Better posture automatically makes you look more youthful and energetic–not stooped or hunched over in pain.  We typically don’t shuffle along when our core is activated and ribs are up–instead we have a spring in our step!  No matter your age, you can look AND feel vibrant and youthful simply by staying consistent with doing 10 minutes of T-Tapp daily to keep your brain and body connected, help the lymphatic system pump and drain more efficiently as well as activate muscles to stay strong for better health and better appearance–that youthful glow from improved cardiovascular function!

I feel SO much better about myself, too!

Isn’t it amazing?  Success breeds success!  Once you start being consistent–whether that is a short workout daily, full workouts every other day, doing 3 moves each day or trying to walk daily with T-Tapp techniques, you start feeling better (less aches and pains), your brain is more clear, you stand a bit taller AND you look better.  But best of all?  You feel better about yourself because you are taking steps to improve your health and each day of consistency adds more zip to your step. You smile with more confidence that “yes you can” do this consistency thing!


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