Today I celebrate a blessed 30 years of marriage to a wonderful guy!

In honor of our anniversary, I’m having a “Pamper Me” giveaway!

Body brushing, Dead Sea mineral salt baths and Teresa’s alfalfa have been key in tightening my skin, exfoliating and keeping my skin healthy as I lost my sizes.  For this giveaway, you will receive:

T-Tapp Body Brush

Bass Face Brush

CRT Brushing Sequence dvd

1 lb. bag of Skin Saver Dead Sea Mineral Salt

1 bottle Better Body Basics Premium Blended Alfalfa

That is a value of $74.50!  Everything you need to pamper yourself!

In addition I will include a jar of my homemade salt scrub, made from Redmond RealSalt, Teresa’s Dead Sea mineral salts, a blend of yummy skin-saving oils and Teresa’s Bulgarian Lavender essential oil.  You will love how this makes your skin feel!

I will also share my tweaked version of a recipe for a salt mask for your skin for extra pampering!


Here’s how to enter:

1. Wish me a Happy Anniversary in the comment section as well as on my Facebook page, Be Youthful ‘n Fit! And if you haven’t “liked” my page yet, please do!  (The comment here counts as one entry, and the comment on my FB page counts as another!)  

2. Tell your friends via Facebook, Twitter or other social media (even e-mails and a phone call can count!) and let me know you did.

3. What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

4. What will you do to pamper yourself this week?  It doesn’t have to be something big–can be going for a quiet walk, spritzing some lovely scent on your pillowcase before bed, light a candle while doing dishes, picking up some flowers to grace your table….

5. If you haven’t opted in (the green box under my picture on the sidebar) and received your 7 Tips to Get You on Your Way to Being Youthful and Fit…at ANY Age, please do!  If you already have opted in, just note that in the comments and I will still count it!

6. Tell me about a special anniversary you have had. If you’re not married, perhaps a special birthday, or maybe you helped make your parents’ anniversary special one year!

7. Do you have a special anniversary coming up?  What is a special “goal” you have to reach by that time?

I’m excited to get away with my Sweetie for a few days with no computer ;),  so I might not respond right away–but I’ll be looking forward to reading all your comments when I get back!

(A year ago I was able to get into my wedding dress but not quite zip it up–due to my ribs having expanded from 10 term pregnancies!  I was pretty tickled that I could almost fit into it, though! 😉  Thank you, T-Tapp! )

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