Dark circles under the eyes, pale skin, tiredness, light-headedness, easy bruising, tummy issues….what do these all have in common?

Vitamin B12 deficiency–between sitting in front of computer screens, fluorescent lighting, poor eating and stress, we all struggle to keep our levels optimal.

When I started T-Tapp, I couldn’t use the PG spray for endurance since I was exclusively breastfeeding my then 3 month old son.  I had read that B12 could help, so I got more consistent using a sublingual B12 I had bought from the health food store.  When it was gone, I decided to try T-Tapp’s B12–wow!  I could honestly tell a difference in my endurance as well as helping with the fatigue!

As we often do, I quit being consistent with it (why do we do that, anyway?!).  I started using it again this spring to help again with healing from gut issues and adrenal fatigue.  Then I saw that Teresa’s B12 changed from cyanocobalamin to the better methylcobalamin!  I was about out of the bottle I had so I bought the new, improved version.  I was curious to see if I could tell any difference.

Wow! Was I impressed!  I honestly could tell a difference between the “old” T-Tapp B12 (which was already better than what I used before) and the “new” one!   And when I stay…ahem…consistent 😉 , I really can tell it’s helping!

I ran out of PG spray and am using the B12 during workouts–and it helps my endurance almost as much as PG does!

Spraying three sprays at 10am and three at 2pm can help if you are fading at those times.  You can also spray any time you need a boost of energy.

There is more information at the T-Tapp store (and you can order it) HERE!

So Be Calm, Be Strong, Be Less Stressed–Be MIGHTY with T-Tapp/Better Body Basics B12!


Photo credit:  Ryan

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