In my experience as a T-Tapper and a T-Tapp trainer, I am finding that we can get so focused on losing a size, getting all the way through a workout, or adding target moves that we lose the very foundation of T-Tapp–our core.

(Back to Basics for) Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration is a new monthly program that will take us back to the basics of the core.  Core concentration is the foundational key to long term results!

Our core thoughts and beliefs also shape us inside and out–yes, I mean literally on the outside!  Our thoughts can either encourage us or sabotage us, especially as we make changes for healthier, better living.

Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration program will focus on both the physical and emotional/mental “core” to help us bring out our best and be truly beautiful–inside and out!

Each month all participants will do the same 2-3 workouts, with special emphasis on the core throughout.  August’s workouts are MORE 2 and the new Broom 2!

What’s included for August?

*SIX schedules based on MORE 2 and Broom 2–two for those with adrenal/health challenges.

*A private support group where you can ask questions, where I will share “core” tips and helpful links on skin care, adrenal health, healthy eating, and more.

*Discount on T-Tapp and Better Body Basics products!

*Teleconference call where I will share more “core” tips on the workouts for the month and why speaking kindly to ourselves is so important.

*Rewards!  There will be a point system to earn a deeper discount on T-Tapp products or a Skype session with me!

Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration will be $45 per month.  Link will be posted as soon as it’s up in the store!

I will also have an additional Skype option (12 Skype openings available), where we will work through a few moves slowly and steadily, with focus on the core for max muscle activation!

Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration–for a healthier, happier, stronger and more beautiful YOU!

photo credit:  Roger Karlsson

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