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Immune Boost is one of the top 3 T-Tapp supplements I don’t want to be without! (Digest Plus and Alfalfa are the other two!) On my recent trip to California, I wanted to make sure I was doing all I could to keep my immune system strong, especially while flying. I remember hearing Teresa say she would take a few droppers full before boarding the flight, a few during the flight if it were a longer one, and another 2-3 after landing. I took 3 before boarding, 2-3 during layovers and then 3 when I landed. With so much sickness going around, I wanted do all I could!

My “maintenance dose” is 2 droppers full once a day. When I am exposed to sickness or feel like I’m coming down with something, I will take more Immune Boost. I can tell it helps, too! My kids know to take it when they are exposed (one works at a school, another is a mama’s helper in two different households, yet another works with the public in a delivery service–so they get exposed a lot!).


Vitamin C also helps with collagen production–for better skin!

What’s in it? Vitamin C, zinc, echinacea, selenium, grapefruit extract, niacin–you can read more about it at the T-Tapp webstore. Lots of powerful immune-boosting supplements in one bottle! Immune Boost is sublingual, and I don’t think it tastes too bad, either! I have scaled back the dosage for my younger children when they were small because it was an easy way to get vitamin C into them vs sugary chewables–or nasty tasting ones!

Free shipping is on Immune Boost only. If you add other items to your cart, you will be charged shipping accordingly.


Another tip to help boost the immune system–dry body brushing. Dry brushing helps move the lymph, which in turn helps keep things moving and taking out the “trash” in your body. I have actually experienced congestion moving out of my chest and turning into a light head cold from dry brushing and adding about 10 minutes of T-Tapp movement!

Keep moving to keep the lymph pumping and dry brush to help–then add Immune Boost to really help keep your immune system strong!


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