Ever feel like that?!

You know you should work out.  You know you should eat clean.  You know you should….

But you just don’t wanna do it!

And that makes us feel guilty, which doesn’t help our bodies out at all.  We resolve to do better, yet something in us just isn’t “into it”, and we either never get with it or we half-heartedly try, only to feel like like our stubborn inner child is throwing a tantrum.


Sometimes there may be adrenal issues or other health issues going on.  Or perhaps your life’s plate is just super full right now.  It’s okay to back off a bit.

But when you know you need to get back into it, and you just can’t make yourself, what’s the answer?

If you know for sure that you don’t have any health/adrenal issues, and it’s just a matter of giving yourself a little push, here are three simple tips to get back in the saddle–whether life derailed you, the after-vacation blahs hit, or you just have a case of the “I-don’t-wannas”!


1. Baby Steps!

Simple, yet profound!  Can’t get yourself into doing a workout?  Then start with 2-3 moves!  Yes, seriously!

Often we underestimate the power of T-Tapp–it’s not in doing more and faster, or longer workouts with lots of target moves, but core concentration and focus and intention on muscle activation that optimize results.  A few short moves, done slowly, can yield more than a workout slogged through–or worse–not done at all because it overwhelmed you!

I often advise clients to do Primary Back Stretch and pick 2 moves from Basic Workout Plus.  Or you could choose 2 moves from MORE.  Or any workout.  If you have MORE or SunRay TappCore 2, you can do a chair workout in just 10-12 minutes–and still sweat! 😉

This tip is for eating clean, too–instead of dreading the thought of giving up that frappe or mid-afternoon pastry, why not think of adding one good choice instead?

2. Make a “date” with yourself.

I think women are notorious for putting themselves last.  We somehow convince ourselves that everybody and everything else need to come first, and then we can take care of ourselves. Except everybody and everything else seem to keep coming first!

Make a “date” with yourself–put it on the calendar, in your day planner, on your phone, whatever you have to do.  Just as you would keep an important doctor appointment, a lunch date with a friend or a meeting with a business client, you need to keep this appointment with yourself.

Because YOU are WORTH it!

3. Be Flexible!

When I started T-Tapp, it had to come first thing.  I was homeschooling several children, overseeing chores, nursing a baby and keeping an eye on my toddler and pre-schoolers!  I nursed the baby first thing in the morning and then donned my Skechers and pushed play.

Later the best time was afternoons, and for a short season, it was evenings.  Now it’s back to first thing in the morning!

Don’t get hung up on all the studies that say the best time to exercise is morning or evening or whenever.  The best time is when you will do it!

And if you need to change that due to your circumstances or family dynamics changing–I hereby give you permission!   😉

Bonus Tip– Watch Those Thoughts!

Okay, one more tip!  It is important to not sabotage yourself before you get started!  Be sure you aren’t rehearsing to yourself all your past failures in this department, or why it won’t last, how you just can’t make the time, that you have to do more than just 3 moves to see results, yada yada yada.

You look yourself in the mirror and say–



Photo credit:  BenedictFrancis

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