Who knew, nearly 13 years ago, when an overweight homeschooling mama from the cornfields of northern Indiana started working out with T-Tapp, that she would:

  • Lose 8 sizes
  • Gain energy (and 3/4″ in height!)
  • Learn to like exercise
  • Become a Master Trainer!
  • LOVE helping other women feel better inside and out
  • AND—be featured in a national magazine!!!!

YES! First for Women has featured my story of overcoming fatigue (well, the cliff notes version!) in the November 18, 2019 issue that is out NOW!

I was floored, excited and a little apprehensive….

Apprehensive? Why?

Can I be really real with you here?

Menopause plus transitions at home (hubby’s open heart surgery 3 years ago, older girls moving out and spreading their wings) have caused hormonal ups and downs, especially with my body. I’m not where I would like to be. Not just “oh look I lost X sizes and kept them off” for my own ego, but to represent T-Tapp well. Now let me say right away Teresa NEVER made me feel badly–in fact she reassured me that it’s okay to be a real woman in a real body–with real hormones!

Most of the time I am okay with where I am–I encourage you to be comfortable in your own skin, where you are right NOW, and I want to walk that path with you. But, of course, like anyone else, I wanted to look my level BEST when an opportunity like this came along.

The first and biggest hurdle was to be okay with that. And I mostly am! 😉

Then I thought of each of you.

Oh I know I don’t “know” you all, but I want to make you feel like we’re sitting at my table or on my porch swing enjoying tea or lemonade (depending on the weather!), chatting together. I want to encourage you to be your best self RIGHT NOW, not “when I lose this much” or “when I’m feeling better”, or anything else that is putting a condition on you being able to shine out your best YOU right NOW.

I remember the mindset shift when I thought about a lady just like I was 13 years ago–overweight, nothing is helping, exercise is actually making her more tired and she’s not losing a thing…

And I decided I would do this for HER.

Or the woman who is struggling to keep her head above water, brain fog and fatigue making it a chore to just take a shower.

Yeah, I would do this for HER, too.

For the one who is smaller than she used to be, but hormonal changes and stress have caused her to gain a bit, and while she’s not as big as she started, she’s a bit discouraged to be hanging out a few sizes larger than she would like.

I definitely would do this for HER as well.

And..I would do it for ME. To affirm to myself and my body that it is an amazing wonder and marvel, and this is about a lifetime journey, not a spring for a short term goal. This is LIFE!

This became less and less about me and more about US. Because we’re all in the trenches of life together. I don’t know anyone who gets a personal chef, live-in personal trainer, personal health provider and has a stress-free life.

We’re all in the boat of life together.

While initially I was a bit apprehensive, thinking this isn’t the time—I realized that what better time?!

Sooooo…in celebration of REAL women who need a REAL hope and a REAL workout, we’re having a FLASH SALE!

Since MORE workout was my go-to during those fatigue-challenged years, T-Tapp is taking 25% off the MORE package! All THREE workouts (MORE 1, 2 & 3), regularly $49.95, now $37.63! THAT is an AMAZING deal! Check it out HERE!

AND T-Tapp is also offering 25% off the MORE 3 Chair “streaming” workout–regularly $19.95–AND it will be downloadable! YES!

AND–there’s MORE! I have created a seated workout package called Chair Cruisers and it is on sale ALSO for 25% off!

I have thoroughly enjoyed putting this together–

  • 15 stretch classes
  • 29 individual move instructionals
  • 15 classes of 3 moves each
  • 2 stepping classes–YES! in a CHAIR!

61 classes in ALL! And NONE are over 10 minutes! (Most are 5-8 minutes long!) LIFETIME ACCESS–Regularly $87–$65.25 for the FLASH SALE! Click HERE for the sale price!

FLASH SALE is on from now through midnight Sunday, October 27, 2019.

If you’ve struggled with consistency due to fatigue, joint issues, needing more instruction, needing to stretch, can’t do standing workouts, not much time–NOW is YOUR time! You can purchase the MORE set (each level has a chair workout as well as 2 other shorter “10 minutes or less” workouts!), MORE Chair 3 Streaming or Chair Cruisers–or ALL THREE with this amazing sale!

Let’s celebrate TOGETHER! Yes we CAN!

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