I celebrated my birthday on Monday, but to celebrate with you–I want to give YOU a free copy of the new Broom 2 dvd!

Broom 2 was filmed at last year’s annual T-Tapp Retreat.  It has many elements of the original Broom dvd, but there is no instruction and it’s only 13 minutes long. Perfect when you want a broom workout on a time-crunched day!

Teresa still has a little warming up where she goes over a few of the basics, including stepping the T-Tapp way (including 3 good reason to keep those toes STRAIGHT!).  Just the first 2 minutes of mini-instruction is worth the price of the dvd! (Which is very reasonably priced, by the way!)

After the little stepping instruction/warm-up, Teresa gives a few minutes of instruction using the broom to enhance body alignment–you will find your lats with this workout! 😉

Then she puts it together–you might think, “Wait a minute!  If the warming up portion is around 5 minutes, then we’re really only stepping with the broom for about 8 minutes! How effective can that be?!”


The first time I did Broom 2, I was surprised at the amount of cardio this little powerhouse delivered! Yet, as one with adrenal challenges, it wasn’t too much to zap me!  I actually felt really good–like I’d worked out, to be sure, but energized.  And I didn’t need a nap! 🙂 Teresa does a great job of bringing the heart rate up and back down, kicking out inflammation and lactic acid build-up.  Towards the end she slows the pace to bring the heart rate down before finishing.

Added to all that–it is reasonably priced at $19.95!

I can see this workout becoming a staple in my schedule rotation!

Now–for the giveaway!

I plan to give away two copies of Broom 2 for free!  Shipping is free (if outside the US, I will ask for you to help with shipping but I promise to find the most economical way!)

Ready to enter?!

1. Share!  Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, e-mail, on your blog, Pinterest, call a friend, send a letter via snail mail!  🙂   Please let me know, and if possible, share a link so I can see it, too!  You can either share here in the comments or go to my Be Youthful ‘n Fit Facebook page.  Share as much as you like, and each day, each area of sharing counts!

2. Do you have the original Broom dvd? If so, do you like it (and why)?  If not, would you want it?

3. Why would you like to win this dvd?

4. How long have you been T-Tapping?

5. Tell me something beautiful about yourself–doesn’t have to be a physical trait, but it could be!

6. If you haven’t opted in (the green box on the sidebar, not the Feedburner), do that to get another entry.  If you have already opted in, just note that and it counts for an entry, too!  Through the opt-in box I send e-mails with the blog updates, but I sometimes include a great thread I found at the forums, tips on health or skin care as well as upcoming events and classes I will be teaching.

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The giveaway will run from now until midnight Sunday, June 23.  I will announce the winners on Monday, June 24, 2013.

And if you just can’t wait to get one for yourself, you can click on the link just below the picture above and go to the store to purchase it!  😉

So let’s—-CELEBRATE!


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