I started Digest Plus a little over a year ago, and I am amazed at how much it has helped me!  If I ever had any doubts….I’ve run out a few times and that has shown me just how much good it’s doing for me!

It is already a great price for the value you get, systemic enzymes as well as digestive enzymes.   But for Deep Discount Tuesday, Digest Plus is HALF price, making it an even better deal!

I take 2 capsules with most meals and snacks, sometimes 3, especially if I am having gluten.  I am not gluten free but I try to be very moderate with it.  Two years ago I started having horrible episodes of vomiting that seemed to be tied to my monthly cycles.  After starting Digest Plus in January 2013, they were less severe. Then I inadvertently found that gluten was contributing and by going about 80% gluten free, the episodes have stopped.  If I run out of my Digest Plus or am squeezing to get by until my next order, I can tell!   I’m not advocating “cheating” by eating what you want and take more Digest Plus 😉 but I can say that I can eat out without fear now because Digest Plus really does help!

(Note, I am not celiac and not severely gluten intolerant–while I truly believe Digest Plus can help, please don’t try to eat things you know you are allergic or intolerant to.  I have a sensitivity that can be managed, not a full blown intolerance.  Be wise!)

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I’m slowly doing some updating on my website–do you like the great job my daughter Jessica did with my header?!  I’ll be continuing to work on different pages, but I’m also going to be getting back to regular blogging–not just on Deep Discount Tuesdays! 😀   Hoping to have a special post later this week!  Stay tuned!

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