I’ve been pretty quiet here on the blog–processing the loss of my mother-in-law and getting back to the “new normal” was a bit tougher than I anticipated.   We’re grateful she is no longer suffering but we miss her!

But I feel I’m ready to get back to sharing tips and products and T-Tapp life with you!  So let’s kick it off with May’s Deep Discount Tuesday!

Today’s DDT is Tempo Lower Body and a bottle of T-Tapp’s B-12 Plus.  Tempo Lower Body is probably my favorite Tempo!  (Notice I did NOT say I thought it was the easiest?!)  It does move faster–it is a Tempo, after all!  It has a standing and a floor portion, both with moves to target the lower body.  Floor has the famous three moves Awesome Legs, Pretzel Twist and Diva Derriere!

The pause button can be your friend on this dvd!   You could watch a few reps, pause and do them to your speed, then try to finish up with Teresa.   We’re doing Tempo Arms this month in my online class, Beautiful YOU, and we have one schedule that is 10 minutes a day!  I’m planning to tackle Tempo Lower Body in Beautiful YOU this fall–and yes, there will be a schedule for just 10 minutes a day for this one, too! 🙂

I would not be without T-Tapp’s B-12 Plus!  I noticed a difference when I switched to the old formula B-12, but I felt even more improvement in my energy levels when the formulation changed to methycobalamin vs. cyanocobalamin!   B-12 is right up there with Premium Blended Alfalfa and Digest Plus–I will sacrifice other supplements but not these!

By the way, if you are pregnant or nursing and can’t use the PG spray, T-Tapp’s B-12 Plus is a GREAT substitute!  No, you won’t get the “fat burning” benefits of PG, but I can attest that B-12 Plus does help with energy and stamina during your workouts!

GREAT price for both–just $30!  That’s less than the price of Tempo Lower Body alone!  Click HERE to take advantage of this great deal!



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