PG Spray


Tomorrow’s Deep Discount Tuesday is a BOGO deal on PG Spray!

Pyruvyl Glycine is proven to increase fat burning and offset simple carbs even without exercise.  Just think how much more effective it is when combined with the benefits of T-Tapp!

I can attest to PG Spray helping with my endurance during workouts.  There is no way I can teach a long day of 2-3 sessions for all day clinics without it!  I also have used it to help me stay awake on long trips!  And I’ve used it successfully to help reduce carb cravings.  I know of some T-Tappers who have used it to help them quit smoking, too!

It isn’t the greatest tasting (although I’ve tasted much worse!) but if you spray it under your tongue, that helps. 😉  I use 6-12 sprays during a workout and 2-3 for curbing carb cravings (or staying awake on trips!).  A bottle will last me 2-3 months if I only use it during workouts (and I don’t always use it) and 1-2 months if I use it for workouts and craving control.

Check out the BOGO deal HERE.   And if you’re joining Teresa and me in Louisville, KY on March 12,  you’ll need that PG Spray! 😉

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