TWO great workouts for less than the price of one–now THAT is a deal!

I call Total Workout Super Slow the ULTIMATE Instructional!  It covers through the Airplane move and its slow pace with explanation and form tips will take your muscle activation up several notches!   It’s a great workout to have and return to for extra form focus!

(And heads up–May’s Sensational Schedules will feature 3 schedules from Total Workout Super Slow!  From 60 minutes every other day to one move daily–taking 15-20 minutes–there’s a way to conquer this workout little by little!)

Broom workout is a stepping workout using a common ordinary broom–but you will find the extra lat activation and focus on form while stepping will also take muscle activation up a few notches!  There are options–I love options!  There is a master class version of MORE (35 minutes for 3 moves!), a short walking instructional (GREAT for off days–just 7 minutes), a fantastic Broom Warm-Up and two walking Broom workouts.

We are currently doing Broom in Beautiful YOU and I am loving revisiting this favorite with a new level of muscle awareness!

If you want to experience the higher level of muscle activation from a Retreat series workout, Total Workout Super Slow and Broom are two of the best!

Click HERE to take advantage of this offer!  Good through midnight April 15!


Also don’t forget to check out the updated Training with Trisch page for upcoming clinics, classes and a Skype sale!


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