The 60 Day Challenge has started! 

If you have been wanting a new workout to help keep you motivated during the Challenge, this month’s Deep Discount Tuesday is for YOU! 25% off ALL T-Tapp dvds PLUS you get a free copy of the Healthy Hormones Documentary, too! The Documentary dvd also has a 15 or so minute workout that is the forerunner of Healthy Hormones.

Great time to get that workout on your wishlist! And while you’re at it–get a new body brush–I try to have an extra at all times so I don’t have to order “just” a body brush! 😉 You should replace your brush every 6 months if you use it regularly!


Need a recommendation? Here are a few of my favorite workouts!

Starter Workout: Healthy Hormones

MORE Series: MORE 3

Stepping Workout: Posture Power Walk or Broom 2

Seated Workout (everyone needs a seated workout in their stash!): TappCore 2

Floor Workout: Brain-Body Fitness Floor

Advanced Workout: Fascia Fitness


Want help with form and activation?

I am offering my Amazing Activation Tips for the Challenge–with THREE months access instead of two!

I’ll also have my Beautiful Basics recorded video class packages and Fabulous Form Tips written tips packages in the store later this week!

We had a great clinic last Saturday in Tempe! If you missed the Tempe clinic you have another chance–I’ll be doing another one this Saturday (April 21) in Tucson! You can check out the details here–> T-Tapp in Tucson

Are you joining the Challenge officially or unofficially? I’d love to hear from  you!



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