Looking for a great workout to help your body balance hormones and reduce inflammation?!  Check out Healthy Hormones Menopause Management, which was inspired by Mary Shomon’s book, The Menopause Thyroid Solution!

Don’t let the name fool you though–if you have hormones, you can benefit from this workout no matter your age!  My four oldest daughters are in their 20s and they all like this workout, too! 🙂

HHMM as we call it was developed with tweaks to specifically help with thyroid, adrenal and menopausal hormone issues. I’ve known it to help young ladies with PCOS, with cycle difficulties (easing them from “can’t work for 2 days” to “wow, my cycle sneaked up on me!”), and for me, hypothyroid with adrenal issues, it makes me feel AMAZING!

I personally can only do about half of the workout at a time or I start overdoing it for me.  HHMM is chaptered, making it soooo much easier when you need to split it up!   It is very similar to Basic Workout and yet the tweaks make it worthy of being called a workout on its own–not just another variation.   (shhh–don’t tell–but I like it better than Basic, actually! 😉 )

A quick synopsis–

Spinal Stretch is the “PBS” of HHMM but it’s very gentle and great for those with low blood pressure and/or adrenal issues.  No flat back and no hands behind, but you will use a towel in front for more lat activation

Plies are totally different! All lateral moves to optimize lat activation

No Reach Scoops, Jazz Twist or Box moves but Teresa has incorporated the newer Mitten Chop variation of Organs in Place that you usually do before The Box.  It is sprinkled throughout this workout.

Oil Wells are done standing first so you can really feel those–lats!  (Notice a theme?!)

T-Tapp Twist--no dips to the side but you will love this variation that at first seems like just a stretch but OH BOY! Will you FEEL the heat! (And–lats! 😉 )

Hoedowns–not a huge change except–jazz hand in there to activate more of the–you guessed it!  Lats!

Lat activation is key for hormonal health.  Optimal activation helps drain the lymph even more efficiently which is part of what makes us feel so amazing when we do this workout. AND it gets RESULTS on the outside, too!

The book is great to have, chock full of information from THE thyroid patient advocate, Mary Shomon!  I’ve heard Mary speak several times and each time I learn more from her!

{The sentence below has affiliate links.  If you choose to purchase through these links I do get a commission that helps me with my business so I can keep bringing you great tips, information and encouragement!}

You can check out Healthy Hormones workout at the webstore, along with The Menopause Thyroid Solution book by Mary Shomon!

And whether you have it already or plan to purchase, stay tuned to the blog–I’ll give some workout scheduling plans using this great workout later this week!


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