10-20 DDT

Are you a MORE fan?  If so, this is the “next step” workout for you!

Are you a seasoned “veteran” T-Tapper?  MORE 2 can help you slow things down to take muscle activation to the next level!

MORE 2 picks up where MORE leaves off–adding in variations to moves to get you closer to how they appear in Basic Workout or Total Workout AND adding an arms segment, too.  And just like MORE, MORE 2 has the three “mini” workouts:  Chair, Step Away and Broom.  Oh, and also just like MORE–a fantastic instructional!

The bonus workout is The Workout with Teresa & Berei, a forerunner to Senior Fit with the brain-body tweaks.  It’s a great to have all this on ONE dvd!

Immune Boost–does it live up to its name?  You bet it does!  I recently used it to help keep me from catching a nasty cold/cough some of my children had.   I used 2 droppersful twice daily (normally I do 1 dropper full 1-2 times daily) and did NOT catch it!  Yippee!

Vitamin C and zinc help with collagen production, which in turn improves skin elasticity for younger looking skin.  Better immunity and better skin–TWO great benefits in one!

And for Deep Discount Tuesday you can get both of these for LESS than the regular price for MORE 2!

Check it out HERE–but remember, this great deal is only available until midnight tomorrow night!

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