This month’s Deep Discount Tuesday special is a new product in the T-Tapp store–Digest Plus!

Digest Plus is a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes that really works!

I had been using another brand of plant enzymes prior to using Digest Plus.  Although I definitely noticed benefits with the other brand, I noticed a difference within a week when I started Digest Plus!  I only need to use half the amount–usually 1-2 per meal is sufficient, and to be honest, I usually forget my lunchtime dose!  By using half the amount it really is more cost effective to use Digest Plus!

Having lost my gall bladder 15 years ago, I have noticed more problems in the past few years.  I know my liver was not “happy” and have tried different means of supporting liver and digestive function.  Most noticeably in the past year, I have noticed that around the time of my monthly cycle I would tend to become very ill, just like I used to with gall bladder attacks.  🙁    I especially would become ill when eating less-than-optimal foods.

I noticed a slight improvement with the other enzymes, but what really stood out to me is how in the past few months I had NO problems, even during “hormonal” times!  I really didn’t connect the dots until I ran out of the Digest Plus and a week ago started having similar issues!  I took extra of the other enzymes that I happened to have left, and it helped, but I’ve noticed that when I take just one extra Digest Plus, the “ick” feeling quickly goes away!

Now, I’m not saying go ahead and eat fast food and just take extra enzymes! 😉  But let’s face it–there are times you are traveling or other things might upset your digestive equilibrium that you just can’t help.  I take 1 Digest Plus with breakfast and 1-2 at suppertime, depending on what we are having and where I am in my hormonal cycle.  I take extra if eating out.

I’m truly impressed with this product! And for Deep Discount Tuesday tomorrow, it is 20% off!   Click below and when you order use the code DDT021913

Deep Discount Tuesday–Digest Plus!

If you are looking for some great digestive enzymes, give Digest Plus a try–and with the DDT discount, it’s a sweet deal!

Your gut will thank you! 😉

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