Choices–we ALL like choices!

And this month for Deep Discount Tuesday you have choices!

Option #1:  A great BOGO deal for Digest Plus!

Digest Plus is a proprietary blend of digestive and systemic enzymes for optimal digestion and  assimilation as well as helping with inflammation. I have been taking Digest Plus for 2 years and I won’t be without it!  I can definitely tell it helps–especially when I am traveling and not able to eat home cooked food all the time! 🙂

Option #2:  Step It to the Max and Warm-Up Workout #3-for $25

That’s almost HALF off! AND–if you are thinking of joining me in May’s Beautiful YOU online class, I am focusing on Warm-Up Workout #3 and Broom 2!

If you have been wanting a slower version of the newer Brain-Body Fitness floor workouts (Brain-Body Fitness Floor, Core Floor, Turn Back Time floor), THIS is it!  The 3 Warm-Up Workouts were filmed a few years ago at the Safety Harbor Retreats and have the fascia stretching and muscle activation basics that the newer Brain-Body floor workouts do.  And they just plain feel gooooood!



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