MORE has been one of my favorite workouts for the 8 1/2 years I’ve been T-Tapping.  MORE 2 came out 3 years ago, and I love the tweaks and how MORE 2 bumps things up a notch, getting you ready for Basic Workout!

MORE 2 adds an arms segment and also adds to Lunges and Balance, as well as gently working you into the Basic Workout’s Primary Back Stretch and T-Tapp Twist variations.  Still a slower, more gentler pace with plenty of kickouts and instruction, MORE 2 is the next step to improve form and stamina.   And just like MORE, you get three mini-workouts:  Step Away, Broom and Chair–just right for time-crunched days!

Then there is the Workout with Teresa and Berei, a kind of prototype for Senior Fit–like getting two great workouts on one dvd!  I have said that if you did MORE, then MORE 2, you would have the BEST foundation for Basic Workout and Total Workout!

B12 Plus truly helps my energy levels!  I was using another brand of B12 before I started using T-Tapp’s.  I could tell a difference immediately!  Then when Teresa changed the formulation from cyanocobalamin to methycobalamin in B12 Plus I felt the difference then, too!  GREAT stuff! 🙂

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