What’s better than one great workout at half price?! TWO great workouts at half price! 🙂


First up—Senior Fit! But Don’t Let the Name Fool Ya! It’s not only safe for senior citizens, but the newer tweaks don’t allow for path of least resistance–making it safe for seniors but ramping up muscle activation for T-Tappers!  I call it “senior muscle activation”!  You can check out the half price special on Senior Fit HERE!




Next up–Basic Workout Plus!  BWO is the first 15 minutes of Total Workout, but it’s an effective powerhouse workout on its own, too!  This set includes Basic Tempo–my favorite variation  where the first 4 reps of each move go slower and the second 4 to tempo.  It also includes Barefoot Basic–absolutely essential if you T-Tapp barefoot, and even if you don’t!  Great tips for what the feet should be doing in shoes or out!


This isn’t connected to Deep Discount Tuesday 🙂 but if you want to really work those abs, June’s Beautiful YOU class will be Critter Crunch Floor.  I will have schedules splitting the workout up into 25-30 minutes at a time to fit into any schedule!  I really reconnected with my abs doing this workout, even splitting it up!

Finally, did you get to check out the Facebook Party discussions?!  You can still go through the tips I shared, including a short video about the different hand positions!  Just head over to my Be Youthful ‘n Fit Event page HERE!

Remember, Deep Discount Tuesday specials are only available until 11:59 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, May 17!

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