Do you have a diastasis recti or “Mommy Tummy Gap”?  Did you know your “baby” can be 20 (or 30 or 40!) and you can still have a diastasis recti?

Diastasis recti is when the two rectus abdominus muscles (think “6 pack abs” muscles) separate, creating a “tent-like” effect when you do crunches and sit-ups.  Some gaps aren’t as wide but still create problems for doing floorwork or getting the ab measurements down due to a weaker core, resulting in less muscle activation.

I receive e-mails and messages asking if it’s safe to do T-Tapp or if there are certain moves to avoid, and most importantly, is there a way to “close the gap”.   I had a few ladies test some lessons as I was developing this program, and Mary, one of my testers closed her 4 finger gap to a 1!  She was ecstatic and so was I!  Krystalle noticed a difference right away and more than one lady mentioned how important learning the tips was to protect their core and the progress they were making.

So just what IS Defeating Diastasis?  It’s a 13 week program consisting of 36 lessons with 20 videos demonstrating the techniques and moves–all from T-Tapp workouts as well as encouragement to keep the momentum going.  The program takes you from discovering if you have “the gap” and how wide it is to strengthening your core to tips easing you into floorwork.  Even if you don’t have diastasis recti, you can use these same tips and moves to strengthen your core for an excellent foundation for better results!

I’ve had two courses of Defeating Diastasis and the restuls are amazing!  8 finger gaps down to 1 finger, 6 finger gaps to 1 finger, improved pelvic floor function (NO leakage!) and MORE!

Registration for the Defeating Diastasis  course is now up and we’ll be getting started September 19.  I have a private Facebook group for support and questions.  I’m excited to be your coach and your cheerleader!

I can’t promise you’ll close your gap completely in 13 weeks, but I CAN promise that if you do the foundational work you WILL strengthen your core and make gap-closing progress!

Ready to close the gap and gain core strength?!

Let’s do it!  Let’s close the gap–with T-Tapp!

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