Strong core and pelvic floor muscles support each other for optimal function!

Do you struggle with diastasis recti, a weak core, pelvic floor issues–or all three?!

I created Defeating Diastasis to help women close the “tummy gap” of diastasis recti and improve core and pelvic floor strength and function.  Each time I run the course I get amazing testimonials of gaps closing, LARGE gaps starting to close, improved pelvic floor function and core strength and awareness.


Registration opens again on April 8, but with NEW options!


  • Level 1 is the foundational first part of the program
  • Level 2 is a quick review of key moves from Level 1 and then moves on through the rest of the program
  • Option 3 is the entire program as it is now


My goal is to help participants feel successful, but sometimes seeing we won’t get through the entire course is discouraging because we think we won’t get results. That’s a similar mindset to thinking if you don’t get an entire workout in, you can’t see results.  It also can be overwhelming if you find your core is really weak and you can’t progress through the lessons as quickly as you had planned.   After asking for feedback I decided to split the program into 2 levels to help you move through it feeling good about your progress!


  • Level 1 encompasses 14 lessons, scheduled to release over 6 weeks
  • Level 2 includes a quick review of some of Level 1, then continues lessons progressing to standing moves, then easing into floorwork. Total of 30 lessons
  • Option 3 is the entire program, first 14 lessons are scheduled, then the rest are unlocked at once so you can progress through the remaining 22 lessons at your pace, 13 weeks total

All three options include an additional 6 weeks video access at the end so you have plenty of time to go over the moves and techniques!


You can actually go through the first 3 lessons for FREE by signing up for Defeating Diastasis Sneak Peek!  These lessons are:


  1. How to tell if you have a diastasis recti
  2. What NOT to do (exercise moves and daily activities)
  3. Protect Progress (how to get up and down from the floor, a chair and a bed the right way)


Once you sign up for the Sneak Peek you’ll also be added to my “interest list” for the Defeating Diastasis program.  Even if you find you don’t have “the gap”, you’ll receive helpful information to strengthen the core and pelvic floor.  I’ll be sharing info with this list that I won’t share on the blog or on my regular newsletter list, including a FREE Challenge coming up April 16!

Defeating Diastasis is a streaming video course, and you can download the written lessons, schedules and checklists.  I’m excited to offer options to best suit everyone’s needs.  Together we can work towards a stronger core for better posture, better function and better results in our workouts!

Don’t forget–if you want to participate in the FREE challenge next month, you must be subscribed to the interest list either by going through the free Sneak Peek or signing up at my Defeating Diastasis website!  It will be EASY and FUN!  I hope you’ll join me!



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