You can start shopping NOW–from the comfort of your home!

Or if you’re camping out in a parking lot tonight, from the not-so-comfort of your car! 🙂

Just wanted to post a reminder–don’t forget the FaNtApPiNiStIc Cyber Weekend Sale!   So many great deals!

All four of my event sales are up all weekend, too, but the 2 for 1 Black Friday Super Skype Sale (2 sessions for the price of 1) is only on Black Friday.  The rest of the weekend it will be 3 sessions for the price of 2 (Small Business Weekend Skype Sale).

Take note that the Sensational Schedules package sale says January to March, but it is actually available just this weekend as well.

If you want concentrated focus and consistency, the Core Consistency Skype Package is for you!  You can pick from Basic Workout Plus, Healthy Hormones Menopause Management or MORE to work through weekly or bi-weekly.  And you have until next August to get your sessions started!

Interested in exploring the new Brain-Body Fitness Floor, getting the most out core activation?  Check out the Beautiful YOU E-Course featuring that very workout!  It will be available for purchase after this weekend, but the special price is only for Friday through Monday.

If you would rather join me LIVE for a Beautiful YOU Online Class, I will be sharing schedules and core tips while we focus on Target POP 3 and TappCore 2 in December.  Our goal will be to keep things sane and doable and get to January 1 with NO gains–and maybe even some inch loss! 😉

I’ll send one last reminder on Monday so you don’t miss these GREAT deals!  And if you’re interested in working with more than one trainer, several are offering great Black Friday weekend deals at the T-Tapp Events page–at prices like these, why not?!

Enjoy your leftovers/camping in the parking lot/armchair shopping this weekend! 🙂

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