What’s better than one BOGO deal?


What’s better than two BOGO deals?

FREE SHIPPING! (Even international!)


I shared about Digest Plus last weekend–and I’ll repeat it–it is THE one supplement I will never go without!  It really does the job both for digestive support and anti-inflammatory!

B12 Plus–I started using Teresa’s B12 9 1/2 years ago.  I noticed right away improvement over the brand I used before.  Improved stamina, less brain fog, more energy–I was impressed!

Then Teresa changed to methycobalamin and I noticed even more improvement!  I use a few sprays around 10 a.m. and a few more around 2 p.m. for help with the “afternoon slump”.

This is a GREAT deal! You can get either BOGO deal or BOTH and FREE SHIPPING all around!

Now THAT’S a great Deep Discount Tuesday!

(Sale good until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, September 20!)

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