Have you had a chance to check out the new T-Tapp webstore?   As with any change, there are new things to get used to, but there is a lot of GOOD stuff coming as everything falls into place.  Of course, there are glitches to be worked out, too!   Patience is a virtue as we all get used to the new store and wait for things to be worked out–and anticipation for all the cool functions coming to both the webstore AND website!

One thing that is a bit difficult right now is finding specific events on the events page.   Or the monthly specials—click HERE to see October’s.  Even once you get to the events page(s) you might have a hard time finding what you are looking for.   Physical events are listed in alphabetical order by city right now, with Skype training and online classes listed under Skype and the trainer’s name.  I have a Skype sale (Fall Fitness Focus), a mini-Skype sale (Mighty Minis) and November’s Beautiful YOU class that just went into the store a few days ago, but they are harder to pick out by just scrolling through!  You can click on the names to go straight to them if you are interested.  Eventually things will be organized to a more user-friendly format—again, lots of patience and excitement through the changes!

November’s Beautiful YOU online class features 5 schedules for the new Brain-Body Core Floor!  I originally was going to combine Brain-Body Fitness Floor with Core Floor, but then changed my mind.  Although they are very similar, the main difference being Brain-Body Fitness Floor is divided into 3 sequences where Core Floor is straight through, I still felt it worthwhile to do a separate month for each of them.  Of course, it got to be a challenge when it came to dividing Core Floor up! 🙂  But I’m excited to focus on the core with—Core Floor!

If you are “local” to Mentone, Indiana, I have started Stepping into Fitness classes.  Due to a scheduling conflict I didn’t have classes this week, so they will resume on November 11 and go through December 9.   If you are coming from a distance do give me a quick call to make sure we are having class—the weather starts getting pretty unpredictable in November!

If you are near South Bend, IN, I am coming up on Saturday, November 15 for a clinic!   Definitely will be doing a core floor session and two other sessions, possibly stepping and Senior Fit.  Still finalizing details, but I’ll post as soon as they are ready.  If you’re interested and want to know right away, send me an e-mail with South Bend Clinic in the title and I’ll e-mail you!

I am heading to Syracuse, IN later today to get set up for this weekend’s Be Beautiful Retreat—so excited to have a nice group of ladies coming to my neck of the woods!   I’ve had a few requests to possibly bring a Be Beautiful retreat to other locations–I am willing to consider that!  Of course I’ll need help in finding a place to hold the retreat as you know where the neat, local places are better than me!   I found Brook Pointe Inn was not far from me when my original choice for this retreat was booked full! And Brook Pointe Inn is a lovely gem tucked away in northern IN.  So you may have a similar jewel tucked away near you that would provide a lovely location for a mini-retreat!

I apologize for not getting those promised Brain-Body Fitness Floor tips out this week—between getting my energy back after my recent mini-crisis and getting ready for this weekend, I’ve been more than a little “behind”!   I’m continuing to drink my apple cider vinegar “tea” (2 TBS ACV, 1 tsp honey and a dash of cinnamon to a cup of hot water) at least twice a day and recently started taking an herbal tincture to help with any possible kidney sediment.  AND drinking more water! I am continuing to feel better with less discomfort.  One nice thing from all this is the blood tests and ultrasound I had show those areas are quite healthy! 🙂   If the discomfort doesn’t completely go away within a few weeks or gets worse, I will be looking at more testing.  So prayers that the upward trend continues are appreciated!

Be sure to drink plenty of water! It is tough as the weather gets cooler, but staying hydrated helps our bodies in so many ways–including our kidneys!

Are you working the polls next Tuesday?  My four oldest girls and I are, and we’ll be “sneaking in” some T-Tapp!  You can, too–a set of Hoedowns in the restroom during a break, or a set of Butterflies.  Maybe even sneak some Mitten Chop Box in!  Belly to spine and ribs up, even while sitting, and press your “mitten hands” into your thighs to get a nice stretch.  Keep weight in the heels and ribs up if you are walking voters to the machines.  Ribs up and activating lats (clap aways, anyone?!) will help you stay awake, too!

(Don’t forget to bring plenty of water! 😉 )

And if it gets slow and no one’s around, teach the other poll workers some sneaky moves, too!  You’ll all feel better and you can spread the T-Tapp “love”!


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