I’ve had several questions about my FABULOUS Form Tips offering so I thought I’d explain it in more detail.  If you’ve never taken my Beautiful YOU online course, then it can be quite confusing!

Every month in Beautiful YOU, I give form tips for 4 moves from the workout we are focusing on. I’ll use MORE as an example.  Each week is a Core Focus that applies to any workout and can be done at any time apart from a workout.  There is also a Bonus Focus each week, where I take 4 moves from the workout–for MORE it went like this:

Week 1:  I gave in-depth tips on Primary Back Stretch

Week 2:  Tips on the short mini-workout MORE Step Away

Week 3:  I did tips for MORE Broom (another mini-workout)

Week 4:  Tips for MORE Chair (another mini-workout)

There are typically 4 in-depth tips that build upon each other for each move–or in this case, mini-workout.  Sometimes there are 3 and sometimes there are 5 tips but 95% of the time there are 4.  I spread these over 4 days so you can really “get” the increased muscle activation and connection to get more out of the move.  Think of this as an intense form focus for the workout/move!

For Cyber Weekend I am making these sets of tips available for 5 workouts that I have done in Beautiful YOU.   So there are sets of tips for 4 moves each for MORE, Basic Tempo (can be used for Basic Workout as well), Healthy Hormones Menopause Management, Senior Fit and a set of tips for 5 moves of LadyBug workout.

In addition to that, I am offering individual move tips–still 4 tips but for just that move vs a set tips for 4 moves.  I picked 7 moves that I have heard T-Tappers say they would like to understand more about.

If you purchased the set for MORE, in our example, you would receive 16 tips–4 for each move/mini-workout.  You would pace yourself to do these over 4 weeks just like we do in class! Of course you could do one per month if you like and REALLY dig in by focusing 1 week on each tip!

If you picked the individual moves, let’s say T-Tapp Twist, you would receive 4 in-depth tips on that move alone that you could incorporate into your routine as above–over the course of a week or spend a month on it.

This is similar to what I did when I first started T-Tapp.  I read in the Must Read Threads about different moves and I would apply those tips to that move in my workout over 1-2 weeks.  I really feel that gave me a great foundation!

Okay, I think I’m getting it!  But what’s with all the options?!

Option 1 is the individual moves. So if you only want to purchase T-Tapp Twist and Eye of the Tiger, this is what you would select. You would put quantity at 2 and then e-mail me your confirmation and then tell me “I’d like to get T-Tapp Twist and Eye of the Tiger, please!” (Or however you would like to tell me! 😉 )

Option 2 is the set of tips for each workout.  If you wanted to get sets for Senior Fit this is what you would select. And as in Option 1, if you wanted 2 sets, you select quantity as 2 then tell me in your e-mail what workouts you want your sets for.

Option 3 is JUST the mp3 of the call that I did for that workout.  If you don’t want the written tips but would love to hear the call and work out with it (yes you can and yes many have!) this is your choice.  Calls are 1 hour in length plus Q&A if there was any and I dive into several moves from the workout, different moves from the Bonus Focus tips.

Option 4 is if you want the call AND the Bonus Focus tips.  I recommend this because it will round out your form focus for the chosen workout.

Option 5 adds a transcript to the call.  This is great if you want to follow along with the call, especially if I am describing what I’m doing and it’s not quite clicking. You can read through the transcript and get clarity.

Option 6 is the Bonus Focus tip, the call AND the transcript at a discount from the already discounted price!

Option 7 keeps adding from there 🙂 by adding the schedules to Option 6 (tips, call & transcript) that we used for that workout. With this option you are getting most of the Beautiful YOU class.  Of course you’re not getting the interaction nor all the questions that were asked, but you are getting the elemental components of the course with this option. GREAT for a focus on that workout for a month at your convenience!

Option 8 is for you die-hard T-Tappers that want it ALL! 🙂   You can purchase THREE sets of option 7 (tips, call, transcript and schedules) for three different workouts and get an even deeper discount!  If you want ALL 5 workouts, you would want to purchase one Option 8 and then the remaining 2 workouts as option 6, quantity 2. If you purchase all 5 I will give you the 7 individual move tips for FREE!

If you were to work out with me in person, it would be $75 for 1 1/2 hours, and you’d have to take your own notes! 🙂  Skype/virtual sessions usually run $55-$67 per hour session, depending upon the sale I’m having.  And again, you’d have to take your own notes!  These prices enable you to have parts of my brain on FIVE workouts and SEVEN moves, notes already done for you and a recording of what I taught so you can go over it as often as you like! If you LOVE a particular workout, you could do this as a form intensive 2-3 times per year to get even more out of that workout. If you have a workout you’d like to dive into more but don’t quite understand, this will help! If you know you aren’t “getting it” on several moves, these options are for you!

To help you decide:

  • Which workout (moves)–what one(s) do you like?  Or which one gives you trouble?
  • Are Bonus Focus Tips alone enough to get you going? (Options 1 & 2)
  • Do you want to work out “live” via a call that you can revisit? (Option 3)
  • Do you want the call plus the tips so you can have all the moves I covered? (Option 4)
  • Would a transcript of the call increase your understanding?  (Option 5)
  • Does having all three, tips, call and transcript sound like it would be the most helpful to have ?  (Option 6)
  • Is the thought of figuring out what to do when overwhelming?  Would schedules help? (Option 7)
  • Are you a die-hard T-Tapp groupie?! 🙂 Would you like this for three workouts?  (Option 8)

That will help you decide which option might be best for you!

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help you find the right fit for YOU!

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