I’ve been sharing about my new online program, (Back to Basics for) Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration.  But, perhaps you’re still wondering, “Why is that so important?”

In the exercise world, more and faster seem to be the keywords.  In my experience, as well as of those I’ve worked with, less and slower are the real keywords!

By slowing Total Workout down and splitting it up to learn it when I was training to become a trainer, I watched my body reshape in ways I never thought possible–and that with only 2 classes per week!  I couldn’t do more due to my adrenals being stressed.  But I could do those 2 classes with focus and intention on every move, not stress my adrenals, and still see results!

I’ve done bootcamps.  I’ve done a model blitz (and blitzed myself into a mini-adrenal crash!).  I’ve done Tempo workouts.  NONE of those yielded the results that I saw when I slowed things down.


When I did Critter Crunch Floor–split over 3 days–my brain and abs connected in a whole new way!

When I used Total Workout Super Slow to help a friend learn the moves, she felt well prepared and I shed 3 inches in one week!

My best results from bootcamps came from 4 days of MORE Instructional, with extra kickouts and water breaks!

When I teach classes and when I work out now, I always kick out between each and every move, and sometimes between sides–and I still lose or maintain!


I gained a few sizes back the last year–partly due to more emotional healing that took priority over exercise and eating focus, partly due to hormones.   I was slowly losing until this spring.  In spite of more focus on healthy eating since mid-March and gaining in consistency as well, I was stuck.  For almost 5 months!

But I have learned enough about the metabolism to know that sometimes these healing phases mean more is happening on the inside than the outside.

I wasn’t expecting huge losses last month as I started the first Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration class.  I knew it would help, but I wasn’t expecting to lose a little over FIVE inches from the lower body, where I needed it the most!  (And the other almost-inch was from my arms–which also needed it!)

After months of nothing, this was truly exciting!  Not only for the inch loss (and reshaping that doesn’t always show on a tape measure), but also to know my body was responding and burning fat again!  And this was not killing myself with workouts–I average one class and 2-3 short workouts per week!

So what’s the big deal about the core? Don’t we need longer workouts or more cardio?

Not in my experience!  Nor in that of many of my friends and clients!

We need a slow, controlled focus with intentional form on every move.  Even if “all” you do is a few moves a day with this intentional focus, you WILL see results!

T-Tapp isn’t so much about doing more and faster as it is body alignment and muscle activation–and the more you do that, the better your results will be!

Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration registration for September will be up until Monday the 9th.  This month’s workout is Healthy Hormones Menopause Managementwhich is a phenomenal workout for anyone with hormonal issues, young and old!

If you want to take your workouts to a new level of muscle activation, if you want to get the most out of Healthy Hormones Menopause Management, and if you want to see how less is more with core activation, please join me this month with Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration!

From my experience and those who participated last month–you’ll be glad you did!  🙂


(If you can’t join me this month, but want some help with the core, here are trainer Michelle Barbuto’s Curl the Core tips-practice those daily for a week, then once a week, especially before workouts and you will see improvement in your core!)

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