I have been a fan of body brushing since my start in T-Tapp.  I truly credit brushing, salt masks, and the alfalfa for not having loose, hanging skin!

This week I want to feature a relatively new product, the Bass Face Brush.  I just got one this last winter.  I started using it right away.   I will say that I was a bit worried to use it under my eyes–having had acne as a teen back in the dark ages when they did everything possible to suck all the oil out of your skin (all kinds of nasty topical stuff, plus tetracycline! :p ), the skin under my eyes really suffered from all that “treatment”.

I very gingerly brushed under my eyes and decided if it seemed worse or no better in two weeks, I would stop.  Imagine my delight and surprise to see it was improving!  I now brush one to two times daily.  I see improvements not only in the skin elasticity, but also in my skin tone.  I am naturally pale and I feel the brushing is helping my complexion–which makes sense!  After all, brushing is good for circulation! 🙂

I also brush the backs of my hands from time to time throughout the day with the face brush.   I remember Teresa talking of an actress (whose name escapes me–I’m not good on keeping up!) who kept a brush in her purse and whipped it out to brush her face and hands when she had to wait around–and Teresa said she has amazing skin!

I don’t want to be obsessed with trying to look younger, but I do want to take care of myself and not age before my time!  I love face brushing because it is so quick, easy to do, and yields results without a huge time or money investment.

The brush has a nice wood handle and natural bristles.  If you have the T-Tapp body brush, the bristles are softer yet firm enough to help exfoliate the skin.

Here is a post on the forums with directions on how to use the face brush.

And click here to find the brush in the store (this takes you to the skin care products page–the Bass Face Brush is second in the top row).

Happy brushing–make your skin happy! 😉


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