Body brushing is a great way to exfoliate your skin, help bring blood to the surface of the skin for better circulation and nourishment, and it helps move lymph to detoxify, too.

Teresa has a brochure with directions, but I found the body brushing sequence DVD to be more helpful.  I watch it from time to time because, invariably, I get “sloppy” and need a few reminders!

Not only do you get a demonstration of Teresa’s brushing technique, but you also get a bonus of four moves!  Hoedowns, Awesome Legs, Diva Derriere and Jog Rocks–all great for pumping the lymph!

Hoedowns–the signature move that has been proven to lower blood sugar.  It also helps “clear your mind” and helps reduce carb cravings!

Awesome Legs is a great move to help trim and tone those legs–specifically the thighs.  Be sure to move legs as if through thick mud for maximum activation and results.  And keep your core curled against the floor–belly button to spine!

Diva Derriere–your buns will never be the same!  LOL!  Many ladies have trimmed some off the hips/buns using this move–and it’s been known to help lift the buns as well!  Alignment is important so pay close attention to Teresa’s tips.  You can do the extended leg position for a short break–I do that between each set, actually! But keep that alignment–don’t let the !  Also, if you just can’t handle the number of reps, you can cut reps–just be sure to do the same on both sides!  Don’t want anyone to be “lopsided”! 🙂

Jog Rocks is the only move where you are doing a little bit of “bouncing” in T-Tapp.  If you have knee issues, I’d save this one for when your knees are rehabbed.  It is very cardio–I’ve done them once!  (Yikes!)  But for those of you with no health or adrenal issues, wanting a bit more cardio or something for an off day to keep things moving, this is the equivalent to jogging for 20 minutes–roughly 1-2 miles!  But I confess–I’d rather do 5 minutes of Jog Rocks–much more fun and easier on the feet and knees!

This DVD is really worth having!  There are five main ways to purchase it:

DVD only: CRT Skin Brushing Sequence DVD

DVD plus brush: Skin Brushing DVD and Brush

DVD, brush, Alfalfa, Fibertox and a cd: CRT Skin Tightening System DVD
(Note:  Fibertox is not recommended during pregnancy or nursing)

The above plus Basic Workout  Plus (and other bonus dvds!): BWO+ and Skin Tightening System Set

Or with the Total Workout:  Total System

Any one would be a good way to purchase, but if you already have the workouts, then I would suggest at least getting it with the brush.  Seems I’m always waiting too long to replace mine!

I also recommend getting some dead sea mineral salts as well–for those wonderful skin masks and baths!

Do you already have the Skin Brushing DVD?  Please share your thoughts and favorite moves from it!


And a reminder–I’ll be in Ft. Wayne September 8!  We’re doing MORE in the morning, and at 2 pm will be a FREE session of Hit the Floor.   There is also an extra “package” deal where you can get a brush, 5 oz. of dead sea mineral salts and a 2 oz. bottle of magnesium gel for $20 more!  You can read more details and register here:

Fall Into Fitness in Ft. Wayne

Hope to see you there!

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