This week’s Deep Discount “Wednesday” was a great deal on Hit the Floor–and I had already decided to feature HTF in my Feature Friday this week!

I confess I’ve not enjoyed floorwork for most of my T-Tapp journey.  The first few years of T-Tapp, I did a little bit, but most of it was limited to Organs in Place (OIP), Half Frogs (HFs) and Elevators (E).   When I realized I had a diastasis recti (separated muscles that allow for a growing baby in women–but sometimes doesn’t come back together completely) I stopped all floorwork except OIP.

A few years ago I took an online class and there were a few things I took away from it:

Stay in the muscle (don’t use the back, neck, arms or legs to do the work)
You don’t have to go as far/high as Teresa
Fewer reps with activated abs are better than doing them all without full activation

As I started to include HTF again, I made myself promise that as soon as I lost activation, that move was done. Reset for the next move.  Some moves I only got ONE repetition in! 🙂

But eventually I worked up to all ten reps, with no more separating of the ab muscles!

When I went through my 9 months of inconsistency after my mom’s passing, what few workouts I did were generally BWO+, Basic Tempo and MORE. No floorwork.

Then last year I was mentoring for TWO and MORE certifications, so…no floorwork.

This year I decided to go for the HTF certification.   It’s been a challenge on many fronts, but after getting started, I think I’m actually starting to like floorwork!

Hit the Floor Combo has 2 workouts: Hit the Floor Softer (HTFS) is 37 minutes and was originally developed to use with weighted shoes.  I often will joke that my Skechers are weighted enough, thankyouverymuch!  The pace is a bit slower and most moves have 8 reps, so it is a good starting point.   Hit the Floor (HTF) is 30 minutes, picks up the pace a bit and most moves have 10 reps.

If you wondering whether you’re ready for floorwork, you can start with OIP/HFs/Elevators. These moves are on the dvd that comes with the book, Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes, or OIP and Half Frogs are on the Try Before You Buy section of the website as a printout.  Start with these–can you feel that you have ab activation?  Can you Curl Your Core on the floor and keep that lower back pressing for at least 2 reps on Half Frogs?

Sometimes it helps to put a small rolled towel (such as a hand towel or tea towel rolled lengthwise) placed just below the tailbone to form a “wedge”. This will help you tremendously to curl the core by using the abs vs. arching your back.  It is very, very important to be sure you have ab activation or you might just build a round, hard tummy instead of making it flatter!

I didn’t think I needed the towel, but once I tried it–I found it sooo helpful!  I can keep activation without it now, but I still will use it–especially if I am shooting for all 10 reps!

So the “rules” of starting floorwork, in my experience are:

1. If you can’t tell if your abs are activated or not, do not pass go, do not do HTF until you are consistently doing the OIP/Half Frog sequence, using a towel for HFs and staying in the muscle (vs. using momentum to bring the knees in–remember, it’s not how far you go!)
2. Once you feel you have some activation, promise yourself that you are not going to try to do all the reps.  Start with 4, even just 2 of some moves.  You can increase as your abs get more connected with your brain!
3. The Pause Button Is Your Friend–on the floor as well! 😉
4. Do NOT try to go as far as, nor as high as Teresa if it means you quit using your abs and start using your back/neck/legs/arms/anything else!

I got rid of my muffin a few years ago doing HTF–and yes, just doing 1 rep of some moves! Staying in the muscle is the goal, not doing all the reps!

My muffin has returned a bit due to some metabolic and emotional healing recently. So I am excited to see what mentoring for HTF is going to do for me now!

If you want to check it out in the T-Tapp store, you’ll see the HTF Combo when you click HERE!  

And if you are already doing HTF or HTFS, please leave a comment and tell me how you’re doing, and how you like it!


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