Last Friday was our 4-H auction and my best laid plans to get something posted flew out the window!

After a crazy-busy week, hurrying up and waiting, being on your feet a LOT–what could be better than a “pamper-me” dvd?!

That’s what Finger and Foot Fitness is all about!

Not really a “workout”, but working on the foundation of health as well as inch loss–yes, you read that right!  Teresa Tapp herself has said that the foundation of fitness starts in your feet!

If you think about it….the feet are the “foundation” of your body in the sense that if you have foot problems, it will affect the way you walk and stand.  When I had plantar fasciitis, it affected my ability to even be able to put weight on my feet–I remember having to crawl for awhile until I could stretch the plantar fascia. And that was while I was pregnant! :p

I wish I had had this dvd then!  It is chaptered, with about 12 minutes of finger fitness (wonderful for those with carpal tunnel or the rest of us wanting to avoid it!), and then approximately an hour of foot movements.  The dvd also has segments so you can break that down further (3 segments for the finger fitness, 16 for foot fitness).   If you find certain moves more helpful than others, you will be able to skip right to them!

This is something you can sneak in any time of the day.  It is so important to pamper our feet and fingers–feet being the foundation of fitness, and fingers the “tools” of everything we do!  In this typing/texting age we live in, it can be easy to overdo it and have inflammation, which only is continually aggravated because “resting” from our computers and smartphones just isn’t a reality.  How wonderful to have this dvd to help us strengthen the tendons, ligaments and muscles as well as help us get rid of any current inflammation!

Lauren posted this wonderful article excerpt on the forums a year ago:

Podiatry Today Mentions T-Tapp’s Finger and Foot Fitness!

Many have reported soreness in the feet going away by doing some of the moves, others report help with their carpal tunnel issues.  I have daughters who play violin, cello and piano, and they report help with sore hands, wrists, and elbows from doing some of the “finger fitness” moves. There have even been some testimonies of ladies slimming their feet down with Finger and Foot Fitness! 😉

What more can you ask for?  A “workout” that works your fingers and toes but feels like a  nice spa treatment?!  Try Finger and Foot Fitness For a Great Foundation!

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