I thought I would try something new–Feature Friday!  I know there are so many workouts and products in the T-Tapp store that you can get overwhelmed!

For my first feature, I want to talk about Teresa’s Premium Blended Alfalfa.   This is an amazing product!  I was taking another name brand alfalfa when I started T-Tapp.  I finished it, then purchased the Premium Blended Alfalfla.


I shed water like crazy for a few days, and within weeks could tell a difference in my skin.   Then I started noticing less PMS type symptoms when my cycles returned (I had a 4 month old son when I started T-Tapp!)

A few years later I was having just a really blue day the day before my cycle was due.  A friend of mine, who got completely off her bioidentical hormones using Teresa’s alfalfa, suggested I up my dosage right before my cycle was due.  That was the key!  I also have two daughters who normalized their cycles through taking the Premium Blended Alfalfa.  One had too short cycles, and one had too long–and the alfalfa helped both!

I had acne as a teen and into my 20s and even 30s, so there was some scarring.  It had gotten better over the years, but sometimes it was still noticeable to me.   After taking the alfalfa for a year, plus being consistent with T-Tapp, my skin was absolutely glowing!  I get compliments all the time about looking much younger than I am–partly good genetics, partly eating overall healthy, but the alfalfa is the “icing on the cake”!

Alfalfa feeds the skin, which helps it become more healthy.  Added to skin brushing and dead sea salt masks, it helps the skin tighten even when losing lots of inches.  I’ve lost 12+ inches off my abs, and although they are not perfect, (nor do I expect them to be), it is amazing to have no loose, hanging skin there!

There have been questions on the forums about alfalfa being a phytoestrogen.  Teresa calls it adaptogenic.  It acts upon the pituitary and if your estrogen is low, it will help raise it, and if too high, it will help to lower it.  Here is a great post by Teresa: Is Alfalfa a Phytoestrogen?

Teresa’s alfalfa has no stems, seeds or sprouts.  Often when someone reacts to alfalfa it is because of the stems or seeds, and many have found they can take Teresa’s alfalfa!  A true legume allergy would be the only reason to not take it.

It is also anti-inflammatory.  Teresa talks about this in the thread above.  I have also noticed when I get out of the routine of taking my alfalfa, that my lower back and hip joint “talk” to me. :p  A friend of mine, Rhonda, had ulcerative colitis and her doctor was going to put her on medication that would cost $900 per month!  She found the Premium Blended Alfalfa took care of it—and much more inexpensively! (And her skin is beautiful, too, by the way!  You can watch her testimonial here!)

Teresa goes to great lengths to get and transport this product while keeping its purity.  Here are a few threads where I posted my notes from the Safety Harbor Retreat in 2010 (there are a few other products reviewed in each, but alfalfa is the first in one of them and the last in the other!):

Safety Harbor 2010 Product Seminar

Safety Harbor 2010 Cellulite Control

How much to take?  When I restarted after a period of time of being off of it, I started with 3-4 daily, then worked up to my regular dose of 9.  Different ways to tell how much is by how you feel (inflammation going down), less PMS, less or no hot flashes, better skin.

The forms have a wealth of knowledge on the Premium Blended Alfalfa, so if you’re visiting there you can type it in and read for quite awhile! 😉

There’s also great info on it at the T-Tapp Store!  Why not try it out for yourself?  Better skin, balanced hormones, less inflammation–sounds like a winning combination to me!




Note:  I realized I forgot to post the link to Rhonda’s testimonial–it is now fixed! 🙂

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