Did I ever mention that I love options?!

That is one of the reasons MORE is one of my favorite T-Tapp workouts!

Well, Broom is right up there with MORE for me!  Broom is a great workout, filmed at the Safety Harbor 2007 Retreat.  And boy, does it have options!

First is a Master Class level version of MORE–34 minutes for just 3 key moves!   The sweat will pour and you will never again refer to MORE as an “easy” workout! 😉

Then there is a Broom Warm-Up, just under 20 minutes. It’s really closer to 15 minutes, but they had the excitement of a real, live fire drill right in the middle of it all! So they included a few fun clips from that! You can fast forward through it–but it is fun to watch the first time!

Following the warm-up there is a short, 7 minute walking instructional for those who might not already have Step Away the Inches.  It’s a great off-day or need-to-pump-some-lymph mini-workout!

Then there is the workout section.  Broom Workout #1 is 15 minutes long, and Broom Workout #2 is almost 29 minutes long.

I suggest taking the time to watch the whole thing first.  You can do it in segments, of course, but it helps to be able to hear the many tips Teresa gives throughout this workout.

By using a broom in this workout you will really engage those lats more–and that is great as activating the lats helps burn glucose as well as boost the metabolism!  This will transfer into your other workouts and even your daily routine as you become more aware of when you let your ribs collapse.

You can use a broomstick or even a dowel rod that is about the same thickness.

The whole workout (warm up plus both Broom Workouts) is just over an hour–not something you’d want to do all the time! But there are options for breaking it down.  Did I mention I love options?!  😉

You can do:

MORE (34 minutes)
Broom Warm-Up plus Broom Workout #1 (35 minutes)
Broom Warm-Up plus Broom Workout #2 (50 minutes)
Short walking instructional (7 minutes)
MORE plus short walking instructional (41 minutes)
MORE plus Broom Workout #1 (49 minutes)
MORE plus Broom Workout #2 ( 63 minutes)
Broom Warm-Up plus both Broom Workouts (1 hour 5 minutes)

There are other possibilities, such as doing the three core moves she features in MORE (PBS, Reach Scoops and T-Tapp Twist) to warm up and then do one or both of the Broom Workouts.

I love Broom! It is one of my top three favorite T-Tapp workouts, and I actually like it better than Step Away the Inches!  I’ve had issues with trap dominance (I think all women do) and Broom really helped me–by engaging those lats.  I’ve since learned to transfer that activation to SATI and even like it better now!

If you’re looking to find your lats, want something new for a walking workout, want to ramp up muscle activation or learn a sweat-pouring version of MORE–Broom is for you!

Click on the image below to find it in the T-Tapp store!  And get ready to sweep away the inches with T-Tapp Broom! 🙂




And don’t forget– July 17 I’ll be in Sturgis, MI, so if you live near there and want to come find out how to keep your workouts sizzling through the summer, please come join us!  Info HERE!


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