This is actually part 3 of It’s NOT All About Willpower (and you can read Part 2 here).

I truly believe that as we “hang onto” things, our bodies may well “hang onto” inflammation or fat as well.  Now, had you told me that a few years ago, I probably wouldn’t have believed you!  But having experienced it, I now recognize that we cannot just deal with the physical and ignore the emotional or spiritual.  Nor can we deal with only the emotional and forget the physical.  Often we start out “to lose weight” or maybe we decide to deal with the emotional side of things through counseling–but I’m learning we need to slowly, with baby steps, add in elements from the other two “legs” for wholeness.

I have heard that our bodies store stress, especially from a trauma, to deal with it when the stress passes.  The problem in our modern age is–we never stop!  From scary movies to scary news from the doctor, from inconsiderate drivers nearly causing you an accident to rude sales clerks, stress seems to fill our lives.   If we don’t process it and let it go, it can literally eat at us–or cause our bodies to store toxins along with toxic thoughts and fat along with fear!

I just experienced this again, but in a different way a few weeks ago.  I decided to mentor for Hit the Floor so I could certify (hopefully!) this fall.  But it seemed like things kept coming up for me to keep me from getting my first video done for my mentor.  Sometimes it was legitimate things, but other times I just found myself too busy or wasting time….  Then one Sunday our pastor preached on fear, and later that day my husband found a fact about people bitten by snakes, who didn’t have enough venom to kill them, yet they died—from the fear! 

Fear lowers our immunity, paralyzes us, raises blood pressure and heartrate–yes, I could believe that it would lower the immunity enough to cause a less “dangerous” infection to actually cause death or at least do more damage than it “should”.   As I pondered this information, I suddenly realized that I had fear–fear was paralyzing me and keeping me from getting my video done!

The fear stemmed from my prior miscarriage history, and although I knew perfectly well that none of my miscarriages were caused by doing anything strenuous (mine were hormonally related), that “fear” of doing too much was there.  And it was paralyzing me, even though I was not even pregnant!

It was truly amazing to face this head on, and now I am excited to get that video done!  In fact, I was so disappointed because I lost my voice a few weeks ago and it’s taken me this long to get it back enough to do the video!  I am ready and looking forward to tackle this!  YEAH!

It’s time to face the fear head on–and not let past hurts, frightening events, difficult situations (or people) paralyze you from what you were created to be.

For me, fitness has become more than just physical fitness–more wholeness–body, soul and spirit!

Have you found that fear has kept you from reaching a goal, paralyzed you from starting or maintaining good habits?  You’re not alone!  Let’s focus on wholeness and watch the fears–and eventually, the fat!–melt away so the real you inside can be FREE!


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