Thank you for your patience for this third giveaway…..

I have a wonderful Lavender and Rose Salt Scrub this week, along with the Target POP 3 dvd–which contains three wonderful moves for the lower body!

Awesome Legs
Pretzel Twist
Diva Derriere

Towel, scarf, sponge and shells not included!

Salt scrubs are oh-so-good for the skin!  The ingredients are salt; sunflower, almond and apricot kernel oils; lavender essential oil; rose, lavender and yarrow flowers and rosemary.

Scrubs like this are also great for getting smells off your hands–such as onion or garlic.  Or stinky goat buck smell!  (According to my daughters!)

Inside view--real rose and lavender petals!

To enter this giveaway:

1. Blog it!  Facebook it!  Tweet it! E-mail it! Text it! Or, you could just tell a friend by phone or snail mail–the old fashioned way!   You may comment and tell me what all you did or do a separate comment for each, and you may do this DAILY! (Each separate thing counts as an entry.)

2.  Leave a comment telling why you’d like to have this giveaway–again, I want you to tell me why YOU are WORTH it!  🙂   (Back to those positive statements!)  If you need help getting started, you could say, “I want to work on my lower body, and I want to have that salt scrub for fabulous skin! (or unstinky hands!)”

3. If you haven’t already, go to my Be Youthful ‘n Fit facebook page and “like” it, or “share” it (or a post from it).  If you have already, ask/bribe/cajole/beg your friends and family (and the dog, if he/she has his/her own account!) to like it, too! 🙂

4. I want you to keep a “positive statement” log.  The prettier the better!  Find or print off some pretty stationery (or something bold and bright, if that’s more your style!), and each day write down at least one positive statement about yourself.  Can be in any area–physical, spiritual, abilities…..but if it’s the “truth” to counter a lie you struggle with, that would be all the better!  You can even post your positive statement here, too, but I want you to write it down so you have it to look at daily.  If you do this every single day, let me know, and all your entries will count as DOUBLE!

As you can tell, I’m serious about speaking the truth to and about ourselves!

This giveaway will run from today until midnight next Thursday.  I’ll announce the winner next Friday!

Have fun!  And remember–YOU are WORTH it!

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