(This is a continuation of my last post, In a Fog…)

When you get into the fog, the smallest decisions are tough—was that my turn-off? Where’s that big red barn?  I can’t see more than 5 ft. in front of my car!  What if a deer jumps out of this eerie white and into my path?  Maybe that’s my drive…no, wait, that’s the neighbor’s mailbox.  OH!  This is giving me a headache and my eyes are going crazy!

We can feel the same way when battling AF.  The smallest decisions become such a huge chore, and we often will avoid them just to avoid the stress of deciding!  And that is where the procrastination part comes in!

As we continue to avoid decision-making, it then becomes a huge stressor and we become more and more unable to cope with the decision-making process.  We second guess the decisions we do make, with a tendency to “think it to death”, causing even more stress!  It’s a vicious cycle, much like feeling lost in a true fog and not sure of your landmarks anymore.

I have had some ladies tell me that having me make a schedule for them helps tremendously as that is one less decision they have to make!  I can remember staring at the drawer in our video cabinet, trying to decide which T-Tapp workout to do.  I finally realized I needed a “go-to” workout so if I was spending more than 5 minutes trying to decide, I’d just do that one.  (Which happened to be MORE, by the way!)  That was a really huge help for me!

You can do the same–you can decide a workout will be your go-to when you are having a hard time deciding.  If I had an “off” day and was concerned about it being too much, I told myself I only had to do 2 or 3 moves–I “gave myself permission”.  So I give you permission, too! 😉

Often planning short workouts every other day or even just 2-3 key moves per day is a good plan to help eliminate the stress of making decisions!  For one period of time I wanted some variety but still didn’t have quite the mental clarity to make constant decisions, so I came up with doing 4 workouts from 4 different categories:

  • 1 short workout
  • 1 walking workout
  • 1 floor workout
  • 1 full workout

Now I might only end up doing part of any of those, but this way I had variety, yet some of the decision making was already done!  I made a list of the workouts I had in each category, then I could choose from each category on its day.  That worked well for that time.

That is the basis of my online program, Foundations for Fitness.  One level has just 3 moves per day.  Another has short workouts every other day with a few target moves allowed on off days.  I use workouts you have and would like to use–even splitting some workouts up to make them more doable!

The next Foundations for Fitness starts on October 1 and goes through October 31.  If you feel this would be beneficial to you, why not join us?  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Or, take one of my ideas above–choose a “go-to” workout or set up “categories” if you need a bit more variety!

Next week we’ll talk more about taking on too much–there are many things we can’t help, but often we become addicted to busyness and it can eventually cause us to crash!


Photo credit:  seanrnicholson


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