Looking for a great series of workouts to work your abs? There are TWO great deals for Deep Discount Tuesday this month!

First set– Hit the Floor Combo, Hit the Floor Tempo and Hit the Floor Harder for only $40 ($90 if purchased separately).

Hit the Floor Combo has Hit the Floor Softer (created for use with weighted shoes, but you don’t have to use weighted shoes–or any shoes! 🙂 ) and the original Hit the Floor (a little more challenging than Hit the Floor Softer).

Hit the Floor Tempo is a variation of Hit the Floor that includes the fascia stretch sequence that is in the newer Brain-Body Fitness Floor and Core Floor workouts. The workout has no instruction and less form reminders and is a little more challenging than the original Hit the Floor. (See a progression here?!)

Hit the Floor Harder is just what it says! This is the most advanced of the Hit the Floor series and definitely more challenging! It also includes the first 10 minutes of Total Workout as a warm-up.

The second set includes Hit the Floor Tempo and Hit the Floor Harder at the great price of $25 ($60 if purchased separately). You could call this the next step set if you already own the Hit the Floor Combo.

Are these effective? Yes! I’ve featured all three workouts in my Beautiful YOU online classes. While Hit the Floor Harder is truly challenging, it’s also very effective if you have the core strength and want to take it up a notch!

Progression of these workouts would be:

Hit the Floor Softer (with the Combo)
Hit the Floor (with the Combo)
Hit the Floor Tempo
Hit the Floor Harder

{Disclosure: The sentence below contains an affiliate link. If you purchase through this link I will receive a commission that helps keep my website running so I can continue to bring you great tips and support!}

Ready to work on your abs and focus on core strength and losing inches off your tummy?! Check out this month’s deals HERE!

Just an additional note–I’ve had a few questions about whether these workouts are okay to do with a diastasis recti.  I don’t recommend much floorwork until you have gained core strength and your gap is closing.  If you want to ask questions specific to you, please contact me and I will help you choose the best path for you!


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