Are you new to T-Tapp?  Overwhelmed by the variety of workouts?  Unsure what would be the best point of entry?

Or are you a veteran, needing to tweak a certain area?  Or maybe you are wanting to take your form up a notch to get max results but confused on whether Super Slow or Tempo is better?

You’re not alone!  In the beginning there was just what is now known as Instructional 1 and 2!  No decisions to make other than whether you were going to make it all the way through or needed to split it up!

Of course, we love variety, and often a different workout clicks with different people—for different reasons! 😉

Some things to keep in mind as you decide where to start and/or progress through the workouts…..

If you don’t activate your core standing, floor workouts will not yield the desired results, either.

If you’re having a hard time keeping your core throughout Total Workout, you will find the Tempo workouts even harder in that area.

If you haven’t gotten the knack of belly-button-to-spine and ribs up in Step Away the Inches, Step It to the Max will be even more of a challenge.


And, progressing through the workouts is not necessary.  You can purchase one dvd and it will be enough for you.  But as they say “variety is the spice of life”, right?!

Here are some of my recommendations:

Brand new to T-Tapp?  MORE or Senior Fit.  Both have a slower pace to help you get not only the sequence of the moves, but the activation as well.  Also, the more frequent kickouts are great for resetting your stance and optimizing form.   MORE offers options, Senior Fit offers the best muscle activation and is chaptered.

Been T-Tapping for a few months and want some variety?   Step Away the Inches is a nice change from Basic Workout Plus or MORE.  Basic Tempo is a variation of BWO+ that many like.  Don’t skimp on Instructional 1, though, and revisit it often!

In good health (no adrenal issues) and want to bump things up a notch?  If you’ve been doing BWO+ or Basic Tempo, you might want to try the second half of Total Workout (TWO).  Start with Instructional 2 first. After doing Instructional 2, take the next day off.  You could alternate with BWO+, or you could add a few moves to BWO+ on your workout days.  If you get up over 30 minutes, do take a day off the next day.

If you’ve already been doing TWO you could either get Tempo 2 (it doesn’t go super fast but changes the tempo and cues a bit to keep it fresh) OR, for really focusing on form, you could slow things down with Total Workout Super Slow.

Adrenal or thyroid challenged?  Your best bet is Mindful Movement/Healthy Hormones for Menopause Management.  Don’t let the name fool you! Do you have hormones? Then that one is for you! 😉  Seriously, it is excellent for those with adrenal/thyroid issues, as that is who Teresa designed it for!

Want muscle activation to the MAX? Senior Fit is it!  Again–don’t let the name fool you!  It was developed so there would be no (or the very, very least) path of least resistance, making it less liable to get hurt….but stretching even veteran T-Tappers to the max of muscle activation!

There’s more I could share, but really, fellow T-Tapper Aurora, who is also a trainer-in-training, put it quite well (and with a touch of humor!) in this post:

What to Buy Next

Hopefully between her recommendations and mine, you can feel more confident in making your workout purchase, whether you are brand-spanking new, wanting variety or wanting to take things up a notch!

Hopefully, you are less confused and more confident to make your (next) purchase! 😉


Photo credit:  tree-species’ photostream 

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