I want to address something that we all struggle with to some degree.


What is that?

It’s when you get all excited about a workout plan, get things ready, and just….can’t….seem…to….get….it….going.

Or when you do get things moving in the right direction (whether workouts, way of eating, skin brushing) and start seeing results, and “for some unknown reason”, you quit.

It is usually accompanied by beating yourself up.  “I’m so inconsistent!”  “I’ve always struggled with eating!”  “I just have no willpower!”

Well, it’s not all about willpower!

I really cringe when I read or hear someone say, “You just need to eat less and exercise more.”

Or “You need more willpower!  You’re just not disciplined enough!”

What is “disciplined enough“?!  Who gets to decide what enough is?

There are so many things that can contribute to weight gain and the inability to lose it.  Yes, of course what we eat and whether or not we move our bodies can affect it.  But I am not a believer in deprivation dieting nor in exercising for hours a day just to lose or even maintain a certain size.

In fact, I have found, through my own weight/inch/size loss journey, that it goes much deeper than the physical.  For example, if we have had any kind of trauma or abuse, even verbal, in our past, we can “hide” behind our poor eating/exercise choices because losing sizes and reshaping our bodies triggers something deep inside that we might not even be able to verbalize or be aware of.

Next week I’ll give a few examples from my own life.


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