In the beginning of T-Tapp, there were only the Instuctionals.  In other words, they WERE the workout! Teresa periodically kicked out between moves, between sets of Plies, and between sides of moves.  Sometimes between parts of moves!


Then she filmed the “straight through” Total and Basic Workouts.  We tend to be glad since they go “faster” and “not soooo agonizingly slow”!


Yet, if you are having issues with gains, a plateau, not feeling much during a move or slowing progress, guess what trainers will ask you?  “How long has it been since you did the Instructional(s)?”  


(Yes, I hear you groaning! 🙂 ) 


The slower pace of the Instructionals (and yes, all that standing in position while Teresa talks and talks (and talks and talks!) help your body establish and strengthen brain-body connections.  And that translates into better muscle activation and form, which in turn bring better results!


Sooo….what does that have to do with kickouts?!


If you think getting through Basic Workout without kicking out is a good thing, you might want to read on.


The keys to success with T-Tapp are alignment and activation.  You can expend a lot of energy but not be activating the proper muscles, and you won’t see results.  You can also go through the workout but not be optimally aligned, and that can affect your results. Please don’t feel you have to do it “perfectly”–no one does! But if you get sloppy in these two areas, you might start getting discouraged at lack of progress.


Kicking out between sides of moves, sets of Plies, between each move helps reduce lactic acid build-up (meaning less soreness) as well as helps reduce inflammation.  It gives the muscles a quick break so they don’t get over-fatigued, unable to activate optimally. It also gives you an opportunity to reset your stance, which improves alignment.  


Kickouts = better alignment + better activation for each move which in turn = better form and progress!  (Both health-wise and inch-loss-wise!)


“Okay, Trisch, sure seems like a simple little thing–I mean, anyone can do this.  And isn’t interrupting my cardio?”


Glad you asked! 😉


Are you really sacrificing cardio?  It may seem like it, but let me share a little secret with you:


Muscle activation = cardio!




Seriously!  By activating your muscles optimally you can raise your heart rate!  I can get my heartrate up just getting into and holding the T-Tapp stance!!!


So what you “lose” in continuous cardio you make up for in muscle activation and–yes–alignment, optimizing each move and raising heart rate through activation vs mindlessly moving!


And about that “sure seems easy” stuff….


Don’t just “flop” through kickouts.  Let’s ramp it up a bit:


  • Keep knees softly bent
  • Belly up and back to spine (not fully “tucked”)
  • Ribs up (think of a string pulling your head tall to the ceiling)
  • Shift weight into heels
  • Keep supportive knee bent while kicking out the opposite leg
  • Keep core activated–don’t bobble like a penguin!
  • Keep those ribs UP! (I see you!)
  • Shake head no to keep neck from tensing up


Whew!  That’s a WORKOUT all in itself, isn’t it?!


Ready for a bit more?!


  • Reach out with the arms in an inverted V, reaching through from the core to straighten elbows vs locking them
  • Don’t have the hands too close to the body, but not too high, either. You want to feel this in the lats!
  • Jazz those hands–stretch the fingers apart as much as you can
  • Be sure arms are in alignment with the shoulders–not drifting forward (or back)
  • Keep that tummy up and in while reaching through the arms!
  • Kick out with the previous tips!


NOW you know why kickouts are NOT for sissies! 😉


So go ahead–add kickouts to any and every workout you do, do them as a stand alone move, use them in place of Hoedowns if you struggle with adrenal issues or Hoedowns are harder to “sneak” in because you don’t want other to hear you tap-tap-tapping! 😉  


And wear your “I’m not a sissy–I kick OUT!” badge with pride!


Would you like a demonstration of Activated Kickouts? (AKA “No Sissy Kickouts”!) Or how to get more out of “regular” kickouts?  Check out my video HERE!


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