Today is the last day of T-Tapp’s 60 Day Challenge!  Be sure to take your measurements and pictures!

You have until midnight, PST, on March 22 to get your information and essay submitted.

Please don’t think, “Well, I hardly lost anything, so I’m not going to enter.”   You never know until you try!  There is more at stake than just inch loss—this is NOT “The Biggest Loser”!  This is about life changes, which is why the essay is so important!

Are you sleeping better? Hormones more under control? Did you have an a-ha during the Challenge that resulted in better muscle activation?  How about spinal alignment? I had an issue with my neck just a few weeks into the Challenge that kept me from doing anything! Painful spasms that kept me from working out on my own or with clients.  After one adjustment and lots of ice to reduce inflammation, it got better, but it was T-Tapp that helped restore flexibility!  Yeah!

I ended up gaining what I had lost up until this past week when I discovered that even a little bit of gluten is not good for me anymore.  I also discovered how important good fats are to my adrenal health.   That will all go into my essay!   If you faced some Challenges to be consistent or to your health, that is a part of your story.   Think about all the changes over the past 60 days–not just inch loss!

And now, go tell your story!   🙂

Best wishes to you all!


(Here is the page with the rules and information:  T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge )

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